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  “Music is my religion.” — Jimi Hendrix  

SugarMan Rodriguez

“He has this kind of magical quality that all the genuine poets and artists have: to elevate things. To get above the mundane, the prosaic. All the bullshit. All the mediocrity that’s everywhere. The artist. This artist is the pioneer.” – Rick Emmerson, Rodriguez’s coworker at the construction site. This article is about Sixto Rodriguez, known by someas Sugar Man and professionally referred as Rodriguez. He used to live in the poorest areas of Detroit, oscillating his life between a philosophy degree, construction, and music. A minoritarian from the 1960’s America’s working-class. He released two albums “Cold Fact” and “Coming

Conversando com Mr.Gallini

E o ano começou da melhor maneira com o primeiro álbum de Mr.Gallini, também conhecido como Bruno Monteiro, baterista e frontman de Stone Dead, que agora lança finalmente o seu projecto em formato álbum. E se esta notícia não fosse boa o suficiente há mais duas! Um álbum de eletrónica com as três ou quatro malhas que compôs assim que adquiriu o seu primeiro sintetizador e mais algum material que foi explorando nos mundos dos sinewaves e um álbum com banda visto que na realidade existiam músicas que faziam mais sentido em banda e com algum input de Jonas (também

An ode to the Japanese 80’s seen in today’s music

The adoration for the 80’s has been a recurrent theme nowadays throughout all sorts of media, from the recent sci-fi noir blockbuster, Blade Runner, tv shows, such as Stranger Things, to fashion and, of course, music. The 80s pop culture is truly living on today. With the recent technological revolution, it easy for artists to access our past and create their own world based on it. In this sense, one of the most frequented time-traveled eras, especially by musicians, is Japanese 80s pop culture. It is hard not to be inspired by what was known as the Golden era of

Top 6 Summer Festivals in Europe

So, next summer arrives and work and studying are paused for a few months. The sun is out, only good vibes around, what better plan to do with your friends than attend a music festival? In the following piece, we offer a guide to 6 of the best music festivals in Europe during summer. We know there are many, many festivals, but here are our top 6. 1. Primavera Sound Barcelona Find the perfect time to visit one of the most wonderful places on earth to stay during summer when the sun is shining its brightest… Beautiful and sunlit Barcelona

Mano a Mano, Bem vindos

Imaginem: Dois irmãos, duas guitarras. Uma ilha. Jazz nos dois aos molhos. Liberdade de criação e interação que parece não ter limites. Qual será o resultado? Mano A Mano. Tive a sorte de poder estar à conversa com o André, um dos elementos de Mano a Mano, o mais novo. O Bruno com muita pena Nossa esteve em trabalho nesse dia, logo não se pôde juntar a nós. E, diga-se de passagem, graças a Deus, porque já havia música a mais naquela mesa. Sempre achei o Jazz o estilo mais “intelectual” da música. Muita técnica, muita precisão, com um toque de loucura,

Sweden – The Land of Music

It’s interesting to explore how a country with a total population of 10 million has become the third largest exporter of music in the world, just behind the US and UK, and has won two times Eurovision in the last 5 years. This Nordic country feels real passion for music and, despite piracy and the economic recession of the last decade, the Swedish music industry has an unstoppable projection. There’s not any specific reason for this miracle, but what is clear is that Swedish people have a special, privileged and innate vision about music. Even we cannot highlight the reason

Arcade Fire – A Live Show Like No Other

The Canadian indie rock band, one of the major referents of indie music in the last decade, put on a live performance explosive enough to headline any major music festival. It was a Wednesday night in Lima, Peru, South America. I was on the way to the concert on a taxi with two friends drinking a stack of cold beers and smoking cigarettes with the windows down. We were on the way to a large park arena in the center of the city. This was my second time watching Arcade Fire play live. The first one was back in 2014

Streaming Services – Who makes the difference?

The music industry has surprisingly grown its revenues on the last years, due to the worldwide rise of the music streaming services. This success has obviously created an interest in the creation of new music streaming services who try to offer better features in order to attract new users. Deezer, Pandora or iHeartRadio are just some of the numerous music streaming services working nowadays, but without doubt, the most outstanding ones are Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal, who offer essential features that can be decisive when choosing one of them. Let’s see then what can these services offer: SPOTIFY The

The Rise of Live Session Culture: Our Top 8

Some say the music industry is dying. Others blame Spotify, but not all is lost. To deal with the shifting profit models imposed by music streaming services, most high-caliber musicians have been riding the tailwinds of a global increase in concert attendance to perform their art, live. As more artists cash in on gigs and festivals, ticket prices have skyrocketed, urging fans to take long before they choose to go that Radiohead concert they’ve always wanted to attend. Needless to say, now more than ever live performances can make or break artists. People aren’t happy with a good show; they

E Assim Se Passou Mais Um Ano – EPs 2017

E assim se passou mais um ano: 2017 já tinha os seus dias contados. Mas não desanimemos!… que o ano transato foi, sem sombra de dúvida, um ano para mais tarde recordar: vários foram os artistas, projetos e bandas que, tendo feito do atual panorama da alternativa portuguesa uma autêntica «primavera», desabrocharam, dando a conhecer aos ouvidos portugueses novas sonoridades. Por isso, reconheçamos que agora é altura de refletir, recordar e de aproveitar, reouvindo, os que para a Just Musically Speaking foram (e continuam a ser, leia-se) «alguns» dos EP’s que melhor foram acolhidos pelo público português no ano de

What Makes Lo-fi Hip-hop a Hidden Musical Treasure?

If you have ever stumbled upon a mysterious YouTube video that has an animation picture or gif, while chill hip-hop jazz tunes are being played in the background and a deeply meaningful quote from a movie appears at the beginning of it, you have just discovered a hidden internet treasure that is getting more and more popular over time. What I am talking about is a new genre of music that surprisingly has its origins in places not so contemporary. The genre I am talking about is called Lo-fi Hip Hop and its roots bring about itself a sense of