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Some might say that acoustic-pop music is more than abused but that is only the case when the ones producing it make it sound exactly the same as all the others. This is not the case with Anakena, the Spanish Duo adds Saxophone and Bass lines with different types of drums that just make everything sound in an extraordinary melodic way that for sure will make you wake up with a smile on your face even on a Monday!

First time I clicked play to listen to them I have to admit I was a bit doubtful if I would ever want to listen to them again. It sounded like I had already listened many other musics in Spanish with the same harmony. However when I got my hands over their first and only work, the EP “El Mar” (no better name for what they did) I totally changed my mind.

Not being a Spanish native, but having Spanish as my second language since I was 4 years old, I caught myself singing their tunes like a teenager in the shower. Truth is they do have a poppy way of acoustic but in no way this was bad! It was actually the best surprise of all! I was finally enchanted by this genre again after some years of separation.

Musically Speaking, I am in love with this EP as I was not with a Spanish work for a long while. A light melody with heavy instrumental construction make it the best music to listen to when driving by the seashore with your friends while telling stories of the past that bring you the best memories of Summer.

However, I can’t finish this article without a major praise to the lyricism. If you don’t speak Spanish this part will be harder to grasp and Im sure you will be amazed by the music anyways (no one ever knew what “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” meant and everyone sang it anyways and here the music is way superior). Despite this, if you do understand Spanish your jaw will drop with the maturity of the lyrics and how well they flow with their music in what is their First work!

My personal favorite would be “Veneno” which just gives you their best on lyricism combined with a really cool first half of the song and a surprising transformation when hitting the middle that takes you to a more band like performance that makes you dance to their groove.

I Personally can’t wait to see what Anakena is going to bring us in the future but I promise you one thing! They will be interviewed soon by Musically Speaking to chill a bit with us over some beers while answering all our questions! Keep track of It!! 

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