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Beach Fossils – “Somersault” Symphonies  

From the Brooklyn, New York area, Beach Fossils are since 2009 the portal where Dustin Payseur has showcased his impressive and unique vocal capabilities by creating one of the best Dream Pop Bands in the scene. At the time with John Pena in the Bass, that has now left to form “Heavenly Beat”; Zachary Cole Smith on the drums that is now the frontman of DIIV and finally Christopher Burke with the guitar that left for his solo project “Red Romans”. Now in 2017 they have released their best mission statement yet!

This  composition was however as temporary as it could and their second album from 2013, “Clash the Truth” saw a whole different line-up of musicians except for the frontman that remained the same. At the time with Jack Doyle Smith replacing John Pena, in the bass which still is current, Tommy Davidson stepping in for the guitar and finally Tommy Gardner on the drums. Only the last one has left the band this year to go to China, leaving the drums without player for now.

However the second album recorded with this second and more definitive alignment did not get the recognition the first got, as it was not a surprise anymore. However and as we have been reckoning lately it is in the third album that bands have been showing certain signs of a different maturity, which here turns in to be even more obvious, since with this alignment “SomerSault” now released, is their great step towards the ladder of recognition they deserve inside the Dream Pop Scene.

The vocals from Payseur have never been this loud and clear which makes it all easier to resonate their message through their lyricism. “This Year” is the first song of the work and it is a refreshing yet sad Pop reminiscence that prepares everyone for the genre discovery that Payseur and his mates propose along this album. One note higher than any of their previous workers, it is responsibility of a recognisable organic creative process that did not seem as present in their second work, “Clash The Truth” that in the end of the day brought us not much more than “Sleep Apnea”.

The second song of this new album has left me fascinated ever since I saw the video of the Iconic tangerine. A coherent jam between two guitars that is guided by a really loopy bass line then again masterfully engraved with soothing yet challenging vocals that add this new twist that we honestly loved to Beach Fossils music. Finally, and in order to establish from the beginning the diversity in the room, they give us “Saint Ivy” the most typical yet well made Indie Pop song.

Honourable mentions go to “Sugar” for its immense Chorus Guitar Riff lines that just make a whole bland beginning of a song make sense during the ten beautiful seconds this chorus lasts; “Down The Line” that was released already a month ago with a cool videoclip and is for sure going to be one of the greatest hits of this one and finally, but for sure not least, “Be Nothing” is their Best Song of the Album in my humble view, with a sonority that blends perfectly their new sonority with their old one and makes an Anthem to Dream Pop. One Amazing surprise this “Somersault” that almost makes us willing that summer is over and one can drift away amidst the rain and some dreamy Beach Fossils Pop.

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