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Beach Goth – Thank You Growlers!!

The Growlers is obviously the first name to point out in this recently created genre, since they named it with their cassette album in 2012 having in the same year created “Beach Goth Festival”. A two days festival in which The Growlers feature in both days. Kind of egocentric, but in the end of the day they had the whole work of putting it together. Previous line-ups had names such as Mac DeMarco, Oxygen, Grimes or Julian Casablanca. Last year witnessed what possibly was the best line-up ever has you can see by the picture below, but not everything went accordingly…

First of All, what would define Beach Goth as a life style? Well its creators were labelled as a musical trademark that was combining, since 2006, a “Surf, Skate, Country and Rock” in the much loved, by all pertaining to it, California. Everyone from there loves it, and no one else understands this love as much as themselves. However We do praise this love and Beach Goth is one of the best demonstrations of it. The Growlers released their last album in late 2016 entitled “City Club” their fifth studio album however the first only credited only to two out of three members, Brooks Nielsen and Matt Taylor. After that members have changed and we have to believe the two boys will keep up the good music independently, where there were collaborations with Julian Casablanca (Strokes).

“City Club” was definitely different than what they had done before and definitely better. One can feel all the essence within it although with a newer and darker maturity that just portrays beautifully the Gothic part of the beach, when the sun is long gone and the moon dresses the sea in white. And it is exactly there you want to hear this album around a fire, with your friends, celebrating life! Darkness in this one did not mean necessarily sadness! Listen to “Dope on a Rope” and you will see the good old Growlers. Listen to “I’ll Be Around” or “Night Ride” and understand the New “Noir” greater vibe.

So what happened last year in “Beach Goth Festival”? Where some floods and overcrowd situations were not helping and ended up ruining sound material as well. The Growlers had to even delay their act ending up apologising for the event. Was it their fault? No rain is not, not being as well prepared and they could? Well, honestly nowadays I am so happy with the fact this festival, with this type of music, in such a location as Orange County, California, that I wish I could have been there anyways! Maybe changing the date to summer guys?

Finally, who is also part of this movement? Where my theory would be that everyone that is invited to perform in it should be considered inside of the genre! Does that mean that The Growlers will decide who is in and out? Well actually it is their audience, which is becoming greater and greater that will because in the end of the day is them they want to please! A pretty organic way of having a self-made festival that I believe any of our readers would not mind to attend later this year.

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