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Skinshape – Psychedelic Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop infused instrumental

Started as a solo project when he was 16 in his bedroom, London-based Will Dorey, bass player for Palace and co-founder of the reggae record label Horus Records, is continuing to flourish as well as nourish his incredible music. Having released 3 albums, his latest one ‘Life & Love’ in May, the confidence, warmth, laid-back and freshness of his material considering he plays most instruments, produces as well as records this in his own studio is marvellous and dreamy to say the least.

The Mystery Lights – Garage Rock, Fuzz and Daptone’s New Label Entry

Formed in Salinas, California in high school by guitarists Mike Brandon and Luis “L.A” Solano, their garage, psych rock sound has been long in the works for the past years before both re-located to Brooklyn, recruiting Alex Amini (bass) as well as Nick Pillot (drums). Reminiscent of the mid-60’s era, the Kinks, Nuggets and the Sonics, The Mystery Lights have managed to bring new life to retro garage rock with fuzz, energy and wavy reverbs that add different textures to their songs.

Tall Black Guy – Detroit’s talented Beat/Hip-Hop Producer

Terrance Wallace, otherwise known as Tall Black Guy is a Detroit-native and UK-based hip-hop producer, creating mellow beats as well as samples true to his upbringing of Jazz, Motown and early hip-hop. With his continuous hard-work at producing beats and remixes on Soundcloud, he’s released two official albums mixed with soul, jazz, groove with wavy vibes and brilliant sampling.

MOOON – Garage/Psych 60’s Rock from a Dutch Family Trio

Consisting of brothers Tom (bass) & Gijs de Jong (drums) as well as their cousin TImo van Lierop (guitar, vocals), this garage blues family band from a small town in Holland have been shredding their way around neighboring countries. Since they got together in 2013, they released their self-titled EP in 2015 and through their hard work, will be releasing their debut album ‘MOOON’s Brew’ in October under the Amsterdam based label Excelsior Recordings.

The Frightnrs – Vintage Rocksteady/Reggae with a sad ending

All the way from Queens, New York, The Frightnrs are a rocksteady, reggae band that use classic tones, all whilst reinventing them for a newer generation. Teaming up with musician and producer Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod, who’s worked with the Dap Kings as well as Sharon Jones, he would produce their second EP and album with the label Daptone Records. Even with tragedy striking this band, this album has brought a vintage varied reggae sound to what is considered the House of Soul without looking back.

Júniús Meyvant – Iceland’s Rising Soul/Folk Star

From the Vestmann Islands in Iceland, singer-songwriter Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson aka Junius Meyvant, came out with his debut album ‘Floating Harmonies’ last year, bringing us vibrant soul and folk filled with various instruments. Previous singles as well as this record caught the attention of many, earning him tours around Europe and even some visits in North America whilst winning several national music awards in Iceland. Having released two singles in 2017, we’re getting prepared for another album that shows hints of rock and even more soul goodness for all to enjoy.

MNDSGN – Beats from LA transporting us to space

Pronounced “mind design” as his stage name, Ringgo Ancheta from Los Angeles, US is a hip-hop producer raised in New Jersey with Gospel music and B-Boy culture at the center of his growing up days. He’s released 3 studio albums and plenty of EPs, whilst making appearances alongside other artists of this genre, he’s now focused his efforts on beat-making and has made an impact since his second album ‘Yawn Zen’ from 2014, under the great label Stones Throw Records. ‘Body Wash’ released last year, just shows us again how diverse, psychedelic, groovy and fun MNDSGN’s music is, whether you’re baked or not.

Kevin Morby – ‘City Music’ Album Review

American musician, singer-songwriter from Kansas City Kevin Morby, has released his fourth studio album ‘City Music’ under the label Dead Oceans. The indie/folk rock artist is known for having played bass for the band Woods and being the front man for The Babies before starting a solo career in 2013. On ‘City Music’, we’re introduced to a coming of age, optimistic mood of discovering a city, its urban tales and sights as you walk through places which are bigger than you but carry a personal meaning. Morby doesn’t lose sight of what’s nurtured him into who he is today, recounting experiences through different perspectives and analogies that are wrapped up in his Bob Dylan-like voice as well as melodic goodness.

A tribute to Mobb Deep’s Prodigy

Yesterday, hip-hop and rap lovers everywhere were directed to terrible news that Prodigy, the other half of the legendary duo Mobb Deep, had passed away due to illness whilst performing in the Art of Rap Tour in Las Vegas. Joined by other fellow rappers such Mobb Deep’s other half Havoc, Ghostface Killah, Ice-T, tributes have been pouring in all day from renown hip-hop artists in tribute to the influence he’s had on them and his contribution to the rap game. 

Future Islands – ‘The Far Field’ Album Review

It’s been 3 years since the Baltimore, US quartet came out with their fourth album ‘Singles’ released by 4AD, which saw them reach new heights. Consisting of Samuel herring (vocals), Gerrit Welmers (keyboard) and William Cashion (bass), the post-wave/synth-pop alternative band hasn’t always had this big of an audience for an album, touring 5 consecutive years after their third album ‘On the Water’ which was rushed by their label and ended in separation until 4AD signed them up for 3 albums. Since then, Future Islands have broken through to new listeners following their fourth album and have now re-enforced their sound with ‘The Far Field’.