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The Neighborhood’s new self-titled album: How two EPs transformed the band’s music

September 21, 2017: Hard Hard, The Neighborhood’s first EP after their 2015 album Wiped Out!, hits the billboards with a gloomy, melancholic sound that brings back the hazy tracks of 60’s psychedelic rock. This came with no warning, surprising fans all over the world. Their typically alt-rock foundations shaken by a deeper, darker musical twist, exploring lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s identity and aspirations.   January 12, 2018: To Imagine Four months after their unexpected return, the Californian band adds to their fans’ confusion by releasing another EP, To Imagine. Same number of songs as in Hard, but this time the

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch: Elon Musk’s ode to David Bowie

On February 6, 2018, private US aerospace company SpaceX launched its biggest, most powerful rocket yet: the Falcon Heavy. As the name suggests, the spacecraft is huge. Powered by 27 Merlin engines, its three cores generated more than 5 million pounds of thrust, propelling the vehicle’s payload safely into space before two out of three of its cores landed safely back on Earth in an almost surreal synchronized descent sequence. The successful launch marks a milestone in human space exploration, drastically reducing the cost of putting cargo and crewed capsules into space for future missions. Courtesy of SpaceX   The

What is Spotify’s taste profile feature and why it won’t show it to you

Spotify now counts over 140 millions users. 140 million users, meaning 140 million unique music profiles with unique music tastes (unless we’re talking about reggaeton). Massive amounts of user data are churned out every day, making personalization overwhelming at first, but increasingly feasible once the algorithms are tweaked just right. And thanks to its popularity, Spotify has developed one of the most refined renditions of personalized services in its market: Discover Weekly. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Discover Weekly is a unique 30-song playlist crafted individually for Spotify users every Monday. Matthew Ogle’s brainchild, the service has gotten

Blue Madonna album review: BØRNS’ glitz and glamour is back

It would almost be an offense to try and define BØRNS’ musical style. The 26-year-old Michigan-born artist has returned to please our ears with a delightfully energetic, playful album filled with funky beats, explosive synths, quirky bass riffs and his trademark high-pitch vocals. Blue Madonna, BØRNS’ second album after his 2015 Dopamine debut, seems to consolidate the artist into a musical niche all of its own. Is it chillwave? Is it glam rock? Is it synthpop? Perhaps it draws nuances from all three. In fact, what is great about BØRNS is that there really is no need to place him

The Rise of Live Session Culture: Our Top 8

Some say the music industry is dying. Others blame Spotify, but not all is lost. To deal with the shifting profit models imposed by music streaming services, most high-caliber musicians have been riding the tailwinds of a global increase in concert attendance to perform their art, live. As more artists cash in on gigs and festivals, ticket prices have skyrocketed, urging fans to take long before they choose to go that Radiohead concert they’ve always wanted to attend. Needless to say, now more than ever live performances can make or break artists. People aren’t happy with a good show; they