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The underground South Korean R&B is globally taking over

Music has no limitations, not even in regards to culture. South Korea is the perfect example of a country that produces music that you do not need to know its specific language in order to get hooked up on it. In this sense, there is no surprise that Korean artists have received a lot of exposure internationally, starting with the takeover of K-pop (Korean pop) through former popular bands, such as BigBang and 2ne1, to recent ones, such as the worldwide sensation BTS. It is amazing how even the visual and digital communication has no boundaries in relation to culture

Oscars 2018: Top picks for Original Scores and Songs

With each beginning of the year comes a recap of the most successful movies as seen in the Academy Awards nominees, which its 90th edition will be held on March 4th. With them, there are astonishing people that put hard work and talent into bringing these creative pieces to reality using music. From classical composers to new indie artists, the Oscars has chosen a large variety of diverse scores and songs this year, which makes it quite hard to predict the future champs. However, we can shed some light upon those that seemed more pleasantly unexpected and interesting.   Here

An ode to the Japanese 80’s seen in today‚Äôs music

The adoration for the 80’s has been a recurrent theme nowadays throughout all sorts of media, from the recent sci-fi noir blockbuster, Blade Runner, tv shows, such as Stranger Things, to fashion and, of course, music. The 80s pop culture is truly living on today. With the recent technological revolution, it easy for artists to access our past and create their own world based on it. In this sense, one of the most frequented time-traveled eras, especially by musicians, is Japanese 80s pop culture. It is hard not to be inspired by what was known as the Golden era of

What Makes Lo-fi Hip-hop a Hidden Musical Treasure?

If you have ever stumbled upon a mysterious YouTube video that has an animation picture or gif, while chill hip-hop jazz tunes are being played in the background and a deeply meaningful quote from a movie appears at the beginning of it, you have just discovered a hidden internet treasure that is getting more and more popular over time. What I am talking about is a new genre of music that surprisingly has its origins in places not so contemporary. The genre I am talking about is called Lo-fi Hip Hop and its roots bring about itself a sense of