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Primavera Sound – Setting the Bar High

Oporto. Or as we say correctly in Portuguese, just Porto; if we started adding random “O”‘ to the names of cities let’s start with New YorkO. A city filled with traditions that we all appreciate when coming, from the “Francesinha” that recently saw the death of its birthplace the restaurant “Regaleira” to the traditional Portuguese accent from this part of the country. Both are attempted in Lisbon but only in Oporto you can find the good and original one! However we are here to discuss NOS Primavera Sound which happens not only here as it does in Barcelona. However the

Interviewing: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // Review “Hope Downs”

The rain wasn’t expected. However even if there was some the RBCF totally eliminated its influence with their Summer vibes. Primavera Sound, Porto, last Saturday, they gave the last concert of their World Tour and as a consistent and solid band that they already are they have an album to release and prepare to Tour again! “Hope Downs” is only their first album  which resembles the feat of all the recognition that “French Press” EP got. The Melbourne quintet has challenged the idea that from Australia one could only hear some of the best psychedelic rock ever existent. However they

Lusitanian Ghosts – Revamping Traditions

There are traditions that are worth to be kept for longer than the usual human life span. For this to happen there is a need for this tradition to be passed through generations while reinventing itself in a way that adapts to the new tastes as well as keeping its origins. And this is a mission that not many can do as well as the Lusitanian Ghosts, that picked up some of the best string instruments from the ancient Portuguese traditions, and gave their own interpretation to them while always keeping the Folk-Pop vibes in their music. It’s one of

Impulso Fest – A Primazia da Qualidade no dia 23 de Maio

Numa primeira tentativa que muitos anunciaram que poderia ser única, o que já nos foi desmentido pela organização, que afirma que a expetativa e esperança de repetir esta bonita experiência em anos futuros é imensa, as Calda da Rainha demonstraram que sabem receber bem, num local íntimo e oferecer a melhor qualidade de som possível para o espaço. Foi com a coordenação de dois docentes, Nuno Monteiro e Tiago Sábio que os estudantes da Escola de Som Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha edificou aquele que foi um festival único. O centro da Juventude das Caldas da Rainha foi

Erlend Oye: Grazie Amico!!

His music tastes like those breakfasts in Summer when one is in vacations and the only worries are “Which beach are we going today?”. His band is made up of three really relaxed fellas from Sicily, where he has been living for the last six years in Syracuse with his mother. And He is a character. Erlend has his Italian on point and it was in this beautiful language that he used for more than half of the show. As they entered the stage we knew we were in for a great one and that the only problem would be

Our Favorite Jazz Festival in Europe – Our Top 3 for 2018 Edition

Half of Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and that is without a doubt its better half. However among all those tiny fisherman villages spread out along coastline, it is in Cascais that in July you will find our Favourite Jazz Festival in Europe. Older than 750 years old, this town has been connected to this festival since its early beginnings although in the last years it has been way less involved to the detriment of Oeiras. However, it is in Cascais that EDP Cool Jazz Fest belongs between the Hipódromo Manuel Possolo and Parque Marechal Carmona. The first

MGMT – Little Dark Age – Album Review

As a band concept they are one of those that starts as high as possible and tends to go down as the surprise factor and innovation tend to die. After four heavy focused Indie albums, from an “Oracular Spectacular” in 2007 totally breaking the pre-established concepts of Indie to a ridiculously repetitive homonymous album as their fourth and last work before “LDA”. After understanding the downslope they changed. This age is now darker than ever in all possible literal sense and they have gone darker as well by filling their sonority with serious and imposing synths clashing the Indie towards

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food – Album Review

THEY WENT FOR THE ESSENTIAL. Sex & Food. Two of the greatest, most glorious and obviously more satisfying of life. The Unknown Mortal Orchestra referenced by many as the prodigal sons of New Zealand, bringing their totally “soundbreaking” RnB Rock with all the right dusts of Psych, Lo-Fi and Indie. They started with tunes like “Ffunny Ffrends”, still one remarkable anthem of the Indie that has been heard for the last decade and managing to be their most successful in the charts, at least in Mexico.  The band started and released their homonymous first album in 2011 with the above

GUM – The Underdog – Album Review

When one thinks of the origins of the Psych Rock wave that has totally paved this current decade one has to bring about two of its Australian creators that even have some artists exchange. Pond, lead by Nick Allbrook, had as its initial drummer the future leader of Tame Impala, where Allbrook was playing the bass until fully assuming his leading role in Pond. At the same time, another name was common to both bands which evolved into GUM that released today “The Underdog” another piece of this infinite puzzle of spacial music brought to us by this austrALIENS. After Nick

Rua Direita lançam novo Single “Para Sempre”

Resulta de um convite feito a Pedro de Tróia para escrever uma letra que casasse na perfeição com o universo pop, fresco e familiar da banda, uma letra que tivesse tanto de bela e como de singela. E de um inesperado encontro acontece a canção que reúne todos os elementos característicos do power-duo da cidade do Lis.” “O videoclipe esteve novamente a cargo de Gonçalo Portugal Guerra que, desta vez, mergulhou no filme de 1924 “Sherlock Jr.” para arriscar uma montagem peculiar. Buster Keaton, Donato Rosa e Paulo Ladeiras aparecem assim juntos na mesma película, separados por intertítulos adaptados a