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GUM – The Underdog – Album Review

When one thinks of the origins of the Psych Rock wave that has totally paved this current decade one has to bring about two of its Australian creators that even have some artists exchange. Pond, lead by Nick Allbrook, had as its initial drummer the future leader of Tame Impala, where Allbrook was playing the bass until fully assuming his leading role in Pond. At the same time, another name was common to both bands which evolved into GUM that released today “The Underdog” another piece of this infinite puzzle of spacial music brought to us by this austrALIENS. After Nick

Vodafone Paredes de Coura’s 25th Edition: An experience & our favourites

Once again festival season is upon us, across Europe the dates and line-ups are set whilst people plan out what to attend, who to see and with what money. Just Musically Speaking has already covered what to expect this year from NOS Primavera Sound, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Portugal’s other amazing festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura, a gathering of artists, music-lovers and people of all walks of life for a magical event. For those who may not be familiar with this gathering, here is my recollection of last year’s 25th edition and who to look

Monarchy – New single “Mid:night” & their upcoming album

Synth-pop duo Monarchy, made up of Andrew Armstrong (producer, DJ) and Ra Black (vocals, lyrics) are back in full effect with their new dance-track “Midnight”, this follows their first single “Hula Hoop 8000” in anticipation for their 4th studio album which is to be released before summer. For the Australian but London based group, their new material is filled with pop-dance feels, all tied in with catchy lyrics and synth-dominated melodies. Seeing the reaction to “Hula Hoop 8000” and the anticipation/movement behind “mid:night”, we can expect these guys to be making noise in the summer.   The first single Hula

The Neighborhood’s new self-titled album: How two EPs transformed the band’s music

September 21, 2017: Hard Hard, The Neighborhood’s first EP after their 2015 album Wiped Out!, hits the billboards with a gloomy, melancholic sound that brings back the hazy tracks of 60’s psychedelic rock. This came with no warning, surprising fans all over the world. Their typically alt-rock foundations shaken by a deeper, darker musical twist, exploring lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s identity and aspirations.   January 12, 2018: To Imagine Four months after their unexpected return, the Californian band adds to their fans’ confusion by releasing another EP, To Imagine. Same number of songs as in Hard, but this time the

Rua Direita lançam novo Single “Para Sempre”

Resulta de um convite feito a Pedro de Tróia para escrever uma letra que casasse na perfeição com o universo pop, fresco e familiar da banda, uma letra que tivesse tanto de bela e como de singela. E de um inesperado encontro acontece a canção que reúne todos os elementos característicos do power-duo da cidade do Lis.” “O videoclipe esteve novamente a cargo de Gonçalo Portugal Guerra que, desta vez, mergulhou no filme de 1924 “Sherlock Jr.” para arriscar uma montagem peculiar. Buster Keaton, Donato Rosa e Paulo Ladeiras aparecem assim juntos na mesma película, separados por intertítulos adaptados a

Tremor – Ou Quando a Ilha é o Recinto

Um Festival nem sempre tem um tema. Raramente toma em conta a sua localização na curadoria e muitos menos puxa pela comunidade para fazer parte do mesmo. E mesmo assim a presença do artista, com amigos para partilhar a experiência e uns quantos copos de plástico a acompanhar fazem a noite. Agora imaginem se o festival se quisesse incorporar na sua geolocalização, enquanto motiva a sua população e tem todo uma mensagem a transmitir? Com o Tremor já tivemos quatro forte exposições do que esta última aproximação ao que pode ser um festival pode não só ser sustentável como obviamente

Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

 An introspection into the band Beach House from a fan, and a review on “Lemon Glow”, their new single released on Valentine’s day this year. I’ve been a devoted fan of Beach House for some years now. So it is always an exciting moment, sometimes even emotional when I find out there’s a new release by Victoria and Alex, the American duo from Baltimore. They are one of the most important modern references to the genre Dream Pop, a derivative of alternative rock that focuses on the importance of melodies mingled with a certain influence of psychedelic rock.  For me,

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch: Elon Musk’s ode to David Bowie

On February 6, 2018, private US aerospace company SpaceX launched its biggest, most powerful rocket yet: the Falcon Heavy. As the name suggests, the spacecraft is huge. Powered by 27 Merlin engines, its three cores generated more than 5 million pounds of thrust, propelling the vehicle’s payload safely into space before two out of three of its cores landed safely back on Earth in an almost surreal synchronized descent sequence. The successful launch marks a milestone in human space exploration, drastically reducing the cost of putting cargo and crewed capsules into space for future missions. Courtesy of SpaceX   The

The underground South Korean R&B is globally taking over

Music has no limitations, not even in regards to culture. South Korea is the perfect example of a country that produces music that you do not need to know its specific language in order to get hooked up on it. In this sense, there is no surprise that Korean artists have received a lot of exposure internationally, starting with the takeover of K-pop (Korean pop) through former popular bands, such as BigBang and 2ne1, to recent ones, such as the worldwide sensation BTS. It is amazing how even the visual and digital communication has no boundaries in relation to culture

Curtis Roach – Renewing the Old-School Card – Review

Curtis Roach is a real underdog.   Or undergod.   I’ve not quite made up my mind yet.   What I know for sure is that when I first heard his track Anxietea. I got the same kind of goosebumps I got when I first listened to the likes of Proof or Big L. The second he hops in on the track, you get this instant reminiscence of early Kendrick Lamar or Chance the Rapper type of voice and flow, but not the same music. No. The music brings in a different sentiment. One that I really did not expect from