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Crystal Fighters Lisbon Concert – Review

The venue’s name was already a good prediction of what was coming that night. Paradise Garage, a reinvented disco where Millennials would spend their teenage years dancing around the dance floor pretending to look older and cooler and nowadays go for as good reasons as a Crystal Fighters Concert. After arriving around an hour before the start, still had the chance to listen to the opening act lead by the Spanish Duo Kid Simius, which honored their name not only by jumping around like little hairy monkeys as well as making us jump with heavy rock guitar riffs mixed with high pitch synths coordinated with a 128bpm cardiac beat.

But enough of it! After an almost good hour of wait, CF were now High enough to start the concert. And as soon as the lights went-out the Spanish voice resounds through the speakers and the concert starts with the same “song” as the new album, “Simplecito”. With it, a group of Peaceful, Cheerful and purely Happy Hippies storms into the stage and asks us to “Follow” them to Jupiter where their Souls already resided for a couple of hours. Curiosity towards the new Album was among every single one of us in the audience and how they would present it after a not so warm Welcome by critics to it. However I could not be more surprised! From “Yellow Sun” to “Good Girls” they convinced us they still have their Unique Simplicity towards melodies and made every single one jump to this new tunes. With “Lay Low” they remember their previous drummer, who passed away earlier this Year in Mallorca of Overdose (no wonder…) and some visible tears show in one of the female vocalist face as everyone chants “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LE” while holding hands as previously asked by the band. One of the moments of the Night alongside with one of their Top Hits, Bridge of Bones, which the Portuguese crowd decided to echoed in a way that the band felt useless to sing it along and just enjoyed their trip. Finally and after an Improv song by the Vocalist that decided to pick up his Charango (traditional Argentinian Ukelele) and just sang “This is our last Song- ohhhh” which lead to “You and I”. As they leave the stage the tireless Portuguese Audience starts proudly singing “Do You Wanna Go to the Plage with me” something we can actually offer them due to our Wonderful Geographic Location. The invitation was not refused and “Plage” is played in a more intimate moment just with focus on the vocalist alone. The concert was not over before they played a song which marked the lives of many of us at some point, “Xtatic Truth” which reminds us of our ridiculous condition as Human Beings that are put in this World Alone and are doomed to live as such the rest of their lives until meeting their final destination.

Without any doubt their best performance in Portugal, after being present in Big Festivals such as Nos Alive and Super Bock Super Rock where their intimacy and message were not as spread as they should.

Coming out of the venue a feeling of MindFulness invades your body as if one just fell in love for the first time again and holds that stupid smile in his face.


  1. Simplecito

  2. Follow

  3. Yellow Sun

  4. LA Calling

  5. In Your Arms

  6. Love is All I Got

  7. All Night

  8. I Love London

  9. I Do This Everyday

  10. Ways I can’t Tell

  11. Lay Low

  12. Good Girls

  13. Bridge of Bones

  14. Love Natural

  15. At Home

  16. You and I


  1. Plage

  2. Xtatic Truth

On a more technical note, Paradise Garage is an incredible venue due to their small size and good environment however acoustic problems were noticeable and many of the late-comers did not see much of the concert since the venue was totally Sold-Out and probably over-populated.

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