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Daniel Caesar – “Freudian” Album Review

From Toronto, Canada, a new talent emerged in the town famous for its trap/hip-hop, which is centered around big acts such as Drake and labels like OVO. Growing up in the church, gospel and soul plays a big part in Daniel Caesar’s sound, with his delicate voice and great R&B melodies, whilst being accompanied by amazing artists, it’s no surprise people have caught on to his stuff.

In 2015, Daniel Caesar started releasing songs online from acoustic to soul electronic tunes which led to collaborations with acts such as BADBADNOTGOOD on his debut EP ‘Pilgrim’s Paradise’. Self-releasing more tracks online in 2016, Caesar persisted before releasing the single “Get You” featuring the fantastic Kali Uchis caught the attention of many. It’s soft feels, full of vocals, led by R&B-like melodies beautifully orchestrated between the bass, drums, guitar and synths is silk to the ears. Joined with Kali’s delicate voice adds new layers of sensuality to the song, which happens to be the opener on Caesar’s official debut album. When talking about the track, Caesar said:

“I met a girl and got very involved. She brought things and feelings out of me that I didn’t know I had. ‘Get You’ is a song of praise to a love I didn’t even feel I deserved at the time […] Being with someone you truly adore and being present enough in the moment that the world literally slows down and you ask yourself how did I stumble into this?”:

We continue on with another great R&B track, with a light guitar and the fantastic H.E.R joining Caesar on a duet which is vocally incredible, with lust as well as romantic vibes as both address their love for their significant other – “If life is a movie, then you’re the best part”:

“Hold Me Down” contains a certain swank and soul to it with the guitar, bass and drums taking charge, whilst being backed-up by vocals from the Cadaro Tribe, who are the unsung hero of this album. These 3 ladies who appear on most of the tracks are bringing a new layer to Caesar’s sound, bringing him to new depths in how his melodies and emotions are directed, as can be seen with the next track “Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)”. Vocals on vocals, its acapella variations before the instruments kick-in halfway just shows the diversity of this artist and how he can steal your soul in a heartbeat:

“Loose” and “We Find Love” are also perfect examples of just what Caesar can bring with his voice, being accompanied by piano, synths through gospel-like melodies all whilst staying in the theme of love and belonging. Same goes for “Blessed”, showing appreciation for his significant other, talking of going back and making things better, whilst his voice resonates alongside a piano, the winning combination to hearts, before synths and back-up vocals remind us that this is the Lord’s calling:

Linking up with another great artist Syd from Los Angeles R&B band ‘The Internet’, “Take Me Away” is smooth, soulful and proves to be a great collaboration. Same goes with “Transform” where Charlotte Day Wilson, who we’ve seen before with acts such as BADBADNOTGOOD, brings a more grounded tone to another luscious track. This album overall is fantastically produced, we really get a perspective of Caesar’s world and how much of holy experience love can be alongside insecurities, doubts and melodrama. His formula can be at times a little repetitive, but it can’t be denied that his talent in bringing out R&B/gospel and soul together in a distinctive way is amazing. In conclusion, it’s an exciting time for the 1995 artist, being in the center of a music hotspot, having already collaborated with many fantastic names from different genres, we can expect more to come from Daniel Caesar and his wonderful sound.

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