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Degrees – PiRo

Today we have our first exclusive release! Musically Speaking will from now be directly the Launching Platform for New Artists, as we will have exclusivity partnerships with Artists and will sell their material and stream it in Our future website (to be released in the beginning of 2017). As we learn constantly and more recently with Patrick Carney, Spotify is a Soul-Devouring Streaming Platform that although being really practical and cheap for users is not the best solution for Artists and makes it even harder to be Out there! And that is why Musically Speaking wants to be here for them! Not only to share their best tunes with you as well as to be the platform where they can sell their music for the price considered fair for them!

PIRO is an international duo which we will cover from close in the near future! The beats chosen are always on spot and the lyricism is remarkable for such young artists! Immaturity is something you won’t be able to grasp from them since they are producing with high quality from the start, two years ago with Lost, where they used the beat J Cole now picked up for False Prophets and take in our opinion a better advantage of such great tune than King Cole himself.

Degrees is an exercise of unburdening by Piers (frontman of this project) that puts in paper how his new life as an university student in Spain has developed during the first months. He starts by describing small details of what daily-life sounds like to him, waiting for chicks to come after “Sunday School”, probably the best metaphor about Church We can remember and goes straight attacking the “Snapchat Rappers” as J Cole did for False Prophets, which could have gone wrong not only for the “Imitation Syndrome” as well as for being said from an Amateur Rapper.

However, PiRo beats all the Odds and by laying down this lyrics ends up even destroying False Prophets (which in the end of the day is nothing more than a good chorus) and probably even scares some of the not so amateur rappers above mentioned:

Prove me that you truly rap
For the love of hip-hop, not to be snap-
And there ain’t nothing wrong ’bout it,
It’s for people that don’t got it,
For the people that like to cut it,
For the people that need to dumb it
Down, to the ground,
They like the sound, but not the meaning,
They take the quick route, I prefer the scenic,
Prefer to say shit and really mean it,
Prefer to think back to my thoughts,
Prefer to make it emanate straight from the heart,
Prefer to let my soul sing itself on a song,
Prefer to let my words carry depth like a psalm

Impressively this is not even the main tone of his song, that goes totally towards university and how Rappers should not be seen as heroes for not attending school and that even when Soul, Sweat and Tears are included in the artists work there should always exist a Plan B which not only confers you safety as well as Brains. “One should always give the best of himself in everything” is the overall message we grasp from this new single which is in our opinion a 10/10 in what accounts to lyricism since it picks up and already used and abused thematic and makes it better than many other Rappers ever could. In what accounts to the melody and music construction we felt the chorus was not that catchy which in the end of the day does not even matter since you are not looking for “singing along” in such a song more than you are looking for kicking it back after work and smoke one up while listening to it.

Looking forward for more works like this one from PiRO! Strongly recommended to visit their Soundcloud and Youtube to get more of their work. In the near future we will have an interview with Piers! Stay tuned

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