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DOPE LEMON: A Body with Honey Bones, Hounds Tooth and a Massive Lemon Face

Some might known him better as Angus Stone, from the Indie Folk Rock Siblings Duo Angus & Julia Stone, however his talent, when left alone, reverbs way more in my ears as it comes way more raw and untouched at the same time as it is more complex and progressive than folk can be seen as implementing with DOPE LEMON a totally different vibe that the only similarity that might have with previous versions of this artistic genius are pure musical talent. 

A 30 year old Australian mate, that lives for and by music since early teenage years. After witnessing his parents having this music drive channeled into only a hobby he decided to take the next step and make a living out of it as soon as he found himself alone in the World when his parents got divorced. He always was in the music scene that surrounded him having shown in a trip to South Africa to one of his older sisters that was always into music as well, Julia Stone, his works that his sister found to be of an amazing talent starting to play with him with backing vocals only and ending up steering 50% of the wheel in their Duo Project, Angus & Julia Stone. 

However he always had a will for the solo career where he could do 100% of the work and also get 100% the recognition for it. His first step towards this Solo path was his Album under his own name, “Broken Brights”, where he musically speaking only picked up on his portfolio under the same genre and vibes we have already seen him before and released a Top 2 Album in his home country, Australia. Despite this considerable success he still had more to give to music than being just another Folk Songwriter. And for that he created DOPE LEMON.

Exactly four years later from his first Solo Album he releases under his new Lemon Faced Girl character a totally different and way more progressive type of music We were not ready. And what an absolute blast this was. Still keeping some of the Indie-Folk present he picked up two friends of his in order to help him with the instrumentals so that he could create a full Band Piece where more elements from different genres revealed to be a really interesting input from Garage Electronic Guitars with some light melodies going along as well as a more spacial vocals as one can notice in “Best Girl” or “Honey Bones”, from his first work as DOPE LEMON with the same name as the latter song mentioned, which provoked me a feeling of being listening to some type of Spiritual Psychedelic Folk different from everything I have heard before.

However, this year of 2017 does not stop surprising Musically Speaking and DOPE LEMON just topped the bar for the year even higher with his newest EP, “Hounds Tooth” released Today where he goes even further with his Genre extension pack and provides us with a funkier and sometimes even more Pop than anything we have ever heard from him in the best way possibly deliverable keeping true his first influences and introducing new ones that are in my opinion just samples of what he wants to give us under this new persona where, as it happened with Nick Murphy a.k.a Chet Faker, the artists just embraced change in their Artistic path with the creation of a new character way more compelling with pureness and rawness of the message they want to convey within their Art.

From our side, quick word of advice, go check this latest EP out and be the cool guy showing it to your friends.

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