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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food – Album Review

THEY WENT FOR THE ESSENTIAL. Sex & Food. Two of the greatest, most glorious and obviously more satisfying of life. The Unknown Mortal Orchestra referenced by many as the prodigal sons of New Zealand, bringing their totally “soundbreaking” RnB Rock with all the right dusts of Psych, Lo-Fi and Indie. They started with tunes like “Ffunny Ffrends”, still one remarkable anthem of the Indie that has been heard for the last decade and managing to be their most successful in the charts, at least in Mexico.  The band started and released their homonymous first album in 2011 with the above

GUM – The Underdog – Album Review

When one thinks of the origins of the Psych Rock wave that has totally paved this current decade one has to bring about two of its Australian creators that even have some artists exchange. Pond, lead by Nick Allbrook, had as its initial drummer the future leader of Tame Impala, where Allbrook was playing the bass until fully assuming his leading role in Pond. At the same time, another name was common to both bands which evolved into GUM that released today “The Underdog” another piece of this infinite puzzle of spacial music brought to us by this austrALIENS. After Nick

Rua Direita lançam novo Single “Para Sempre”

Resulta de um convite feito a Pedro de Tróia para escrever uma letra que casasse na perfeição com o universo pop, fresco e familiar da banda, uma letra que tivesse tanto de bela e como de singela. E de um inesperado encontro acontece a canção que reúne todos os elementos característicos do power-duo da cidade do Lis.” “O videoclipe esteve novamente a cargo de Gonçalo Portugal Guerra que, desta vez, mergulhou no filme de 1924 “Sherlock Jr.” para arriscar uma montagem peculiar. Buster Keaton, Donato Rosa e Paulo Ladeiras aparecem assim juntos na mesma película, separados por intertítulos adaptados a

Tremor – Ou Quando a Ilha é o Recinto

Um Festival nem sempre tem um tema. Raramente toma em conta a sua localização na curadoria e muitos menos puxa pela comunidade para fazer parte do mesmo. E mesmo assim a presença do artista, com amigos para partilhar a experiência e uns quantos copos de plástico a acompanhar fazem a noite. Agora imaginem se o festival se quisesse incorporar na sua geolocalização, enquanto motiva a sua população e tem todo uma mensagem a transmitir? Com o Tremor já tivemos quatro forte exposições do que esta última aproximação ao que pode ser um festival pode não só ser sustentável como obviamente

Our Grammy-Winner of Best Alternative Album

It is that time of the year again when one starts making an overview of the year and wrapping it up by Best and Worst contributions to music through albums released during the last 330 days. I do say only those days and not a full year since the artists that have the unfortunate idea of releasing an album in December have a really hard job to make it to next years nominees and this years’ was released in late November. As we can see by Award attribution in one of the categories that relates the most to our musical

The Wheels – From Mallorca to the World

Coming from Palma de Mallorca, where the Sun and the Sea are kings, it is with that almost Australian breeze that they bring us this beautiful rendering of Psych Rock with noticeable influences ranging from the 60 to 70’s transition of The Beatles idolization to The Doors; to most recent music from Mac Demarco, Tame Impala and King Gizzard. Andres, vocalist-bassist and founder of “The Wheels” spent some time talking to us to explain where will they go from here. They have been around for a long time since the name arises from the primordial jams when the drummer and

“Sleep Well Beast” Review

Before writing about The National’s new Album “Sleep Well Beast” I have to fully disclose they are one my favorite bands and so I will never be impartial when speaking about them. However I also don’t intend to, nor we ever do in Musically Speaking. Matt’s voice is transcendent and the way they produce melodies is just to beautiful and organically for me not to love it. In this case is also helpful to be impartial since my knowledge of this band is as well greater due to this passion. Finally I should also disclose I hated the only time I saw them live. Not only the audience, as well the venue and Matt’s specific performance that night were not what I expected from such a pacific band. And this just intrigued me more and made me appreciate them with more depth.

“Everything Now” Album Review

Arcade Fire changed their game with “Reflektor” after having released what would be already considered one of the Albums of the beginning of the decade with the release of “The Suburbs”. Both these albums, being their third and fourth set the bar really high to any type of competition existent in this area of Great Bands of Indie Rock. This year with the release of “Everything Now” they divided opinions among critics and have let down some of their base audience with more repetitive chorus and emptier lyrics directly related to their main topic of critic to capitalism and consumerism of nowadays. However there are not bands that manage to this transition from the more Romantic and Creative way of approaching art to a more political approach and many were the ones believing Arcade Fire has not delivered with this latter album. The Grammy Academy was not one of them, and they are now nominated for Best Alternative Album of 2017.

Conversa com Luís Severo

Quiosque na Liberdade, depois de encontro no mítico S.Jorge, foi mais próximo do Tivoli, onde atuou no dia seguinte, que nos sentámos com um graduado em Sociologia que dá pelo nome de Severo mas que disso tem pouco. Na verdade, o Luís foi muito do que estava à espera e foi revelando uma identidade pessoal muito próxima da musical o que permite um intimismo diferente num concerto ao vivo, como veio a provar no dia seguinte. Nessa manhã quase tarde, que ainda não o era por estarmos de estômago vazio, Luis estava calmo. E é essa mesma calma constante com um presença quase que espiritual e sempre com um novo pensamento a propôr que se manifesta tanto na sua música como se manifestou nesta conversa.

BellaCoola – “The Meeting Place”

Coming from South West London comes this Duo with Augustin Eude (guitar, bass and backing vocals) and Luke Pearce (singer and guitar) that combines several genres in their debut album “The Meeting Place”. For the last two years although living majority of the time in different countries it ha been in Summer and Christmas that they get together, jam and record. Simple yet beautiful process that produced these 13 good pieces of work.