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Modest Mouse

One of the most commercials success stories since their debut in 1996, Modest Mouse has been considered a mainstream success of the new millennium.

Fact: You will never get bored of this band.


The indie rock band came straight from the 90s, the founding members Isaac Brock (lead singer), Jeremiah Green (drummer) and Eric Judy (bassist) rehearsed and rearranged over and over again before finally releasing their debut album “This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About” which is under K Records an independent record label from Washington that quotes “key to the development of independent music” since the 80’s. Later on the band worked with other record labels like Glacial, Epic, Matador, Up Records, Sub Pop and Suicide Squeeze Records.

Strongly influenced by Pixies, Pavement, XTC and one of my favorites Taking heads, Modest Mouse debuted with their own way of interpreting indie music and featuring their unique kind of whimsical lyrics.

Float On is just one of their hits that was also nominated for Best Rock Song.

I believe Isaac Brock is one of the greatest poets of our time so there’s nothing to say about life that hasn’t been already said by Modest Mouse, their lyrics are just “well, well, shit happens” but always with a good attitude twist.

Their second album was released just one year after the first one, the band was always working alternately in both records, The Lonesome Crowded West includes masterpieces like “Teeth like God Shoeshine”.

MM Discography includes 6 albums:

  • This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About (1996)

  • The Lonesome Crowded West (1997)

  • The Moon & Antarctica (2000)

  • Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004)

  • We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (2007)

  • Strangers to Ourselves (2015)

Apart from this, the band has 4 cassettes, 25 singles, 6 EP’s, 9 Reissues, 2 Compilation albums and 1 Live album.

The Moon and Antarctica it’s the name of their 3rd album and it got a 9.8/10 score from Pitchfork, an introspective trip noticeable by Brooks lyricism.

Enjoy the satisfying bass of the 5th song of this amazing album.

“Night On The Sun” is the 6th song of “Japan” only EP from 1999, 18 years later and this song still means the world. This 9:23 min track shows us why, there’s just good material for this one. Enjoy.

“There’s one thing to know about this earth, we’re put here just to make more dirt; and that’s ok…”

That’s how the lyrics for this one ends and leaves us with the best 3 minutes of instrumental of which we totally need a 1-hour version.

Last but not least Modest Mouse gave us Strangers to Ourselves the 6th and last record of the band; the album was leaked on March of 2015 and it’s also the first studio album since We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (2007) marking the longest gap for the band.

Even though the band had gone and new members in the project the band has managed to keep the essence of the Modest Mouse for the last 21 years and that’s something not all the bands can manage to do.


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