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They started to be called Otago in 2002. Inspired in a Rugby team from New Zealand that won the championship against all the odds in 1998 which inspired the name of this band, which liked the name so much that after 10 minutes they did not anymore. So they were Ex-Otago. And the hyphen apparently is just for fun!! 

15 years ago in Genoa there were three guys that joined with the hopes of creating the next great acoustic band in Italy. The place could not be better, with all the great sceneries of seashore and one of the greatest architectural cities of Italy. Personally I fell in love with this city the first and only time I went and totally can imagine listening to them while laying down on one of those dark sand beaches with incredible views.

In 2002 they release their first work with only 500 copies edited with an independent record label not having the same success as they do have in 2006 with “Tanti Saluti” where already with 4 members they finally start creating a more mature sound where all their Indie Pop was patent which at this point was still too early to have so well defined and both in English ( “Song for Sasha” is a little masterpiece) and Italian and sometimes mixing both making an album I would love to have in my CD’s collection with a really good vibe.

In 2011 they show again to the public with another work, way more acoustic and with a different vibe with less electric vibes and english lyrics and focusing more on the pop part where the acoustic guitars were protagonists alongside with the two main vocals Pernazza and Carucci. In 2012 Pernazza leaves the band and with him all the English lyricism. Ex-Otago focus now in the Italian and in creating a more consistent sound where the indie alternative gave place to the Pop-Folk where the Italian sounds made more sense and combine perfectly with the melody in songs like “Foglie Al Vento”.

Finally in 2016 they launched their greatest success (about time!?) where the Pop reigns among all other genres without being overwhelming and where I want to resemble one song in particular, thanks to which I found this band. And YES IT IS RELATED TO TRUMP! 

Stai Tranquilo – Ex Otago (english subtitles)

Concluding, its with enormous pleasure that we welcome Italian Music as we do with any other language and we really want to praise Ex-Otago for never giving up on Music and giving it and us so much of it! I am for sure a fan and hope to have the chance of seeing a concert by them in Genoa that I love so much sooner than I expect. 

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