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Flow Festival 2018 – Preview

Having attended their 2012 edition, it’s been incredible to see Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland, grow and develop to what’s now become one of the coolest summer events in Europe. With a focus not only on music but arts, cuisine and the listening experience, the festival offers a wide range of color popping as well as never seen before stages to create the ultimate palette for both artists as well as festival-goers. Through technology and tech-savy methods, Flow presents incredible infrastructures that’s attracted popular as well as up and coming names from across the globe, having transformed a factory area into an area that houses 11 different venues for the event.

With varying stages who all have their own element and style, we’ll be looking at the artists joining this year’s event, but without forgetting the fact that Flow Festival has a Balloon 360-degree Stage, a Resident Advisor Front Yard as well as the Lapin Kulta Red Arena, a Red Garden and above all the Main Stage which hosts 25,000 people. Like mentioned before, each area has their quirky, individual perks that makes them special, so we highly recommend checking it out as well as the mission and values that Flow Festival holds on to. Here are some acts we’re buzzing for, for those not mentioned, check out the Spotify playlist at the end of the article!



The American indie-folk giants from Seattle, Fleet Foxes, will be blessing the festival with their presence following their fantastic 2017 release Crack-Up, which includes “If You Need To, Keep Time On Me”, “Fool’s Errand” and “Third of May/Odaigahara”. Filled with earthy, harmony-rich tracks with inspirations from Crosby, the Beach Boys and the Zombies, this is bound to be a highlight of the event.

Brighton, UK born Simon Green, aka Bonobo, known for his musical talents, producing and DJing will features his latest work Migration, released in 2017 with great tracks like “Kerala”, “Break Apart” and Bambro Koyo Ganda”. The electronic album was nominated for a Grammy, reached top 5 in the UK charts and with a colorful discography that’s been growing since 2000, Bonobo is another experienced and renown musician headliner which will fit perfectly at Flow. Check out a full set of his to feel the environment he creates, and his music encompasses!

Singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist known as the “punk poet laureate”, Patti Smith is almighty and legendary in every aspect. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist has played a vital role in the punk rock movement of the 70’s and has since amassed a career across the art & creative world like no other. With iconic songs “Because the Night”, “Dancing Barefoot”, “Redondo Beach” and “People Have the Power” alongside many other tracks, her aura will infect all listeners.

A talent that has sparked in the UK, Mura Musa, 1996-born and already making massive waves is an electronic music producer and songwriter who has grown substantially since the release of his 2015 EP. With his 2017 self-titled debut album, songs like “Love$ick” with Asap Rocky, “1Night”, “All Around the World” and more has seen him team up with incredible artists. It’s been nominated for two Grammys, considering that he both plays and creatively directed the album, the young man is also a producer who’s helped create big UK tracks. This is one not to be missed, the creativity, flair and style of this guy is beyond doubt a very exciting thing to witness.



The band of the hour Arctic Monkeys, with the release of their 6th album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino are going to bring major rock & roll heat to Flow. After AM in 2013, it’s been a couple years now that fans across the globe have been waiting for their next record, with tracks like “Do I Wanna Know”, “R U Mine?” and “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” along with their other smashing albums, what more can be said? In light of their next tunes, it’s pretty certain that everyone will have the melodies as well as lyrics nailed down before Alex Turner steps on stage in August. Oh lord, this is one I am more than excited for, even though I would link you to their entire discography, here’s a little live preview of their show.

Talented both as an actress and singer, Charlotte Gainsbourg has made a name for herself in the music industry, releasing her fifth album Rest in 2017 following great records such as 5:55 in 2006 and IRM in 2009. With tracks like “Ring-a-Ring O’ Roses”, “Deadly Valentine” and “Rest”, her French-singing, beautiful melodies as well as emphatic live performances, her gentle voice will nurture the many ears of the festival.

Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2002, the indie rock band Grizzly Bear has been playing around different sounds over the years from psychedelic, folk to pop and experimental. Featuring their 2017 release Painted Ruins with tracks “Mourning Sound”, “Losing All Sense” and “Three Rings”, we’re introduced to rhythmic as well as playful melodies that are bound to light up the stage. With earlier songs like “Two Weeks”, “Yet Again” and Ready, Able”, it’s going to be great to have these guys perform.



King Kendrick Lamar is the undisputed god of hip-hop these past years, with his 2017 release Damn, it’s going to be a performance not to be forgotten. “Humble”, “Love”, “DNA”, pretty much the whole album to be honest, there is a reason it won awards and a Pulitzer. Alongside this, Kendrick carries with him other fantastic records such as his recent album for Black Panther, To Pimp A Butterfly and good kid, maad city, he is a genie and is definitely one I am most excited about for this festival. If you don’t already know him, his work and status, type his name on google.

A collective formed online on a Kanye forum, Brockhampton, hip-hop as well as R&B youngsters have blown up these past two years, releasing 3 albums in 2017. Saturation I, II & III are filled with bumpy melodies/samplings, great bars from different members and a creative direction that does our generation proud. With tracks like “Bleach”, “Gold”, “Gummy” or “Boogie”, these guys are hardworking and mean business; this can be heard in their greatly crafted tunes. The Saturation trilogy is a refreshing listen, these guys are going to take the festival over with their energy and I cant wait!

Last but not least, the incredible saxophonist, composer and producer Kamasi Washington  will bring his jazz and spiritual-infused tracks to Flow, with his beautiful 2017 release Harmony of Difference, it will be a spectacle to see his music live. The whole of the record is a wonderful listen from start to finish, all songs tying in to create a musical discussion on topics such as “Desire”, “Perspective” and “Integrity” – one to surely not miss.

That about wraps up the acts we’re looking forward to seeing, but we’re also very excited to see Shame, Lykke Li, St Vincent and Kevin Morby, as well as witness the Resident Advisor stage which will feature some great DJs from around the world. Flow Festival also being in Finland opens the stage for some national talents and other Nordic acts which I’m looking forward to being introduced to – it’s gonna be a fun one! Find links below for more details on the event as well as the Spotify playlist containing all the musical goodness that will take place.


More on the festival: https://www.flowfestival.com/en/

Get your tickets: https://www.flowfestival.com/en/tickets/

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/flowfestival/playlist/7oxygojLUxeOPdWw02BNtK?si=kfDBO9QwQu2F6s2fn2tGVg


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