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Foo Fighters – “The Colour & The Shape” tribute 20th Anniversary

May 20th 1997, after front man Dave Grohl had released and recorded primarily the band’s first record, ‘Foo Fighter’ (1995), its success meant the band had to create a full rock record to show Dave’s transition from Nirvana to a new band. Who would have thought that this post-grunge, hard rock album would set Foo Fighters on track for unprecedented success? Dave knew he had one opportunity to prove himself and my word did he grab it by the balls.

After Grohl’s divorce from his wife in 1996, the front man adventured lyrically and in compositions, introspectively attaining new horizons in his writing. But this was also the first official album recorded as a band, even though complications came about in early recordings which were all discarded. Followed with feuds regarding ex-drummer William Goldsmith, Dave Grohl took control of the drums and recorded alongside Pat Smear (lead guitar) as well as Nate Mendel (bass).

Revolving around romanticism, Grohl’s ex-wife, it embodies a change in his life from chaos, confusion, sadness to a newfound happiness, reflecting in the sequences. Grohl began gaining confidence in his singing compared to the past and the first album, stating: “there was a new freedom: ‘Wow, I can actually write about things I feel strongly about and things that mean something to me and things I wouldn’t normally say in everyday conversation.'” The album was also named after their tour’s manager, who would buy strange objects, once buying one liking the “colour and the shape” of it. To be quite honest, I could go all day talking about facts and behind-the-scenes stuff that happened during the making of this piece of art. Simply put, personally, this was my first introduction to Dave, to grunge/hard-rock and I haven’t looked back. “Monkey Wrench”, “Everlong”, “My Hero”, “Wind Up”, this band awakened a side of me I didn’t know existed.

“My Hero” criticizes idolatry and praises friends who are ordinary heroes, considered a statement on fame and partially inspired by Kurt Cobain – my introduction to this band and Dave.

20 years later and Dave Grohl is now a rock god, a leader and fighter for the sound, image as well as influence he’s been leading with Foo Fighters. I read last summer a biography on him and it is astounding how much shit this guy has gone through, the constant reminder of Kurt’s suicide and the old days of Nirvana to critical reviews of his new band/sound. I will always love and respect what he’s achieved since this album, tracks from this record have now become anthems for rock lovers out there. Foo Fighters since then haven’t stopped making them and won’t stop until Dave Grohl is ascended into heaven on a golden cloud, screaming – PEACE OUT BITCHES!


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