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Foster The People – III Singles Review

Foster The People are back for their third album and we’re getting a teaser of it through the release in April of ‘III’, an EP containing three singles. The indieetronica, dancing-pop and alternative rock band is led by multi-instrumentalist as well as singer/songwriter Mark Foster, who’s rise to stardom came after their hit “Pumped Up Kicks” in 2010. Since then, the band has released ‘Torches’ (2011) and Supermodel (2014), which has earned them top spots across the globe at festivals, playlists as well as a reputation amongst indie pop bands.

It wasn’t always this easy for leader Mark Foster, who after moving LA had to endure a discovery phase before putting together a band and eventually releasing “Pumped Up Kicks”. That song was licensed for TV shows, ads, video games, literally everyone loved this alternative track which came out of nowhere and put Foster The People on the map. Their album ‘Torches’ soon followed with some great tracks like “Houdini”, “Miss You” and “Call It What You Want” which had the band’s record on every radio station. Whilst I could get into the themes, sounds and instruments behind those albums, we’re now seeing a different horizon for this band who have built lots of experience since their debut.

People have noticed a difference between the first two records, and they’re about to again for their third album, knowing Foster’s variety in what he writes as well as his influences. He explained: “I’d write one song and it’d be a hip-hop song. I’d write another and it’d be heavily electronic. Another would be like a spiritual, and another would be classic piano song. I was constantly trying to pull those elements together. It took me six years to do it.” It’s great to see a band testing new waters, whilst for some fans this may be displeasing, Foster is leading the charge in discovering just how far the band can web-out to different genres.

“Doing It For The Money” has a heavy-bass with synths flying in-and-out of the track, direct verse vocals with a catchy chorus which will definitely set it as a radio station favourite.

“Pay The Man” the most hip-hop touched track, with Roster’s singing rhythm in the verse strangely reminding me 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop”. Melodically the chorus rings through your ears, with a sweet guitar riff and electronics doing its bit to carry the track to another sphere and bringing it back to familiar grounds of the band.

“SHC” has a twirling guitar riff, reminding us of tracks on ‘Torches’, a cool baseline and catchy vocals with defining touches of electronics accentuated with the ending part, especially 3:03.

When describing their upcoming record, they said that “the first record was more, kind of, electro-pop, the second record was more of a rock record, and I think this one is going to be a little more hip hop.” From the singles they’ve released, we can see Foster might be taking on a more hip-hop based sound, including heavy-bass, all whilst staying true to their roots with delicious melodic vocals and guitar – make sure you tune in when we review the album, which we should be seeing soon!

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