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French Kiwi Juice – Tasty Electronics & Jazz orchestrated with 2 hands

French Kiwi Juice a.k.a. FKJ, real name Vincent Fenton, has been hard at work to lead a movement with other artists from the label Roche Musique and its paying off. With this new electronic sub-genre of French house, coming to light around 2012, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer released his first album in March 2017 with much anticipation from his fans. Resembling artists like Gramatik and Tom Misch, this perfect mix of electronics crossing with jazz creates flavourful, summer-bound and feel-good tracks for everyone.

Starting out as a theater sound engineer, teaching himself the basics of music production whilst mixing his instrumental talents with the saxophone, guitar, keyboard and bass, he is one impressive guy. With his strong online presence, especially on sites like Soundcloud, this was my first introduction to him, following the release of his EP ‘Time for a Change’ (2013) which included this golden track:

An absolute feel-good tune, with a catchy piano, groovy baseline, smooth keyboard and just enough vocals – the perfect intro to what this artist is all about.

This followed with the EP ‘Take Off’ (2014), which included lovely vocal accompaniment by artist such as Jordan Rakei on “Learn to Fly” and Madelyn Grant on “Waiting” – FKJ was onto something, cooking up his own distinctive sound. Couple other tunes, remixes and lots of performances later, you could see this guy was working on something big, his live performances are baffling to say the least. He captures every note perfectly, jumping from instrument to instrument, all whilst holding it down with his mixer and usage of electronics to group the sounds, orchestrating a symphony which captures the ears of many.

The vocals are always beautifully added to the tracks, there are saxophone parts like in “Canggu” that resonate you to sleep, beautiful keyboard that gives the song a distinctive back-bone and bass-lines which you may not notice sometimes because it just gives tracks the character that’s needed to take them to another horizon. The craftsmanship and amount of work that’s been put in to master these jazz riffs, their compositions as well as having it all directed by electronics alongside it makes Vincent’s name evident – every track you are served some tasty French kiwi juice.

FKJ has been showing his talent by videoing himself or through Red Bull Studios, linking up with artists like Tom Misch or sometimes just jamming by himself, showing his fans the extent of this new house music; highly recommend checking it out on his Facebook. Always releasing new stuff, keeping people in the loop, Vincent is on his way to lead the charge alongside Rochelle Musique, into this fresh, smooth, tasty jazz mixed with electronics that has been captivating people since the beginning 2010s.

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