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Glue Trip – DreamLand made in Brazil

Coming from Brazil, Joao Pessoa most precisely, the duo Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto combine in one to form Glue Trip. The name being self-explanatory, it was the description a friend of Lucas gave to their songs the first time he heard them. They sing in English however the delay effect on the chorus makes at some point the sonority be very similar to the Brazilian Portuguese renown musicality. A World of Nylon Guitars and Weird Effects that melt your brain into a cool Pop dream.

The best way to imagine how they look is actually through the cover of their first EP, “Just Trippin”, that already counts with a quarter of a million views on Youtube. Released in 2013 it was perfectly framed in the current musical scene that was finding out at the time how much they loved Tame Impala and all this Psychedelic Rock that was kind of lost with Morrison’s death in the 70’s. However the personal and traditional way that Glue Trip approached it makes me even think this is not music that can be qualifiable in a genre. Glue Trip is a piece of uniqueness you can’t find as raw as them in many parts of the World.

Opening this EP with what is definitely their catchiest tune and the one I first ever heard from them, “Elbow Pain”, has one of the best intro’s I have ever heard combined with a nylon guitar solo that would make many Spanish Flamenco players really jealous. From that one advances towards “La Edad del Futuro” which opens with some beautiful yet simple cavaquinho chords, the original ukulele! A Pop song with a mellow tune into it that then again sounds Brazilian although it is almost native level English speaking.

In “Birds Singing Lies” at some point you get totally lost in the actual bird singing until an incredible bass line accompanied with an electric guitar, that cheers Spring as much as these little birds, just take you into the Amazon Forest. After this one flies towards the “Lucid Dream”. A song inspired in this dream we all have of flying somewhere, when we don’t need to go anywhere because we have all we need right here. That kind of cliche that suits perfectly into the melody and ends up being a quite good tribute to Panda Bear and Tame Impala, that according to Glue Trip inspired this song. The EP ends with “Sophie” that has little to do with “Elbow Pain” and still makes perfect sense to be in this compilation. A darkest part of Glue Trip that needed more exploring at that time.


However and sadly, when remastering all the EP to make “Glue Trip” in 2016, what is seen as their first album, which is now on Spotify gathering them a lot of attention they excluded “Sophie” from it and included all the others. Curiously enough, “Sophie” is still their third most played song in that same platform even after that. In this new album they included as well “Old Blood” a “cool song we thought we lost”; “Tropikaoss” their first song ever and still a landmark one with a great synth line combined with one of the dreamiest bass lines from their collection; “Solomon” which reminds me of Chris Bell and all the other pioneers of the “hall vocal effect”; and finally, “New Place to Start” which is the most confusing tune of this last release, with a weird combination of tribal with Pop.

From Brazil to the World it won’t take this Duo too long. A singular sonority that makes them unique  not only musically speaking as well as the input of traditions they bear from the Brazilian Musical scene that we all love and respect. Always keeping faithful to their name, the Gluey Trip might accidentally happen when listening to them…

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