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Glue Trip – Psych Pop/Rock with a Brazilian touch

All the way from a small coastal city in North East Brazil, the duo Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto bring us a psych-pop, dreamy, alternative sound with touches of tropical scenery as well as nostalgia for our minds to enjoy. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2015 and earned releases in Europe, Brazil as well as Japan, bringing a variety of sounds, dynamics and textures to us.

The feeling the duo gives you when listening to their music is incredible, their mix of bossa nova and psych pop-rock, it stays simple in terms of chord progression but that’s what makes it so enchanting and allows other instruments to step in and dance or lead. Given the area these guys are from, we can really feel their inspiration of sunny beach vibes and this tropical feel that’s wrapped in the dreamy/laid-back flows, the birds, the flamenco guitar and keyboards. This is the personal touch that sets their sound apart from other musicians from a similar genre, creating a mind and image of their own which listeners can admire as well as hear when listening to Glue Trip.

“La Edad del Futuro” has got some ukulele, keyboard bringing on the wavy/tropical vibe, which involves a flute serenading us half way through the song before all instruments come together, telling us that for the age of the future you should: “Remember all the places, Remember all the love, Remember all the faults, Remember all the doubts”


“Elbow Pain” gives off trippy vibes from the beginning, the vocals playing a big part in this with its reverb, laid-back feel before the flamenco guitar sets us on a more direct path, soothing and tropical alongside the other instruments. As for the video clip, it’s a wonder for the eyes, full of colors and psychedelic patterns which best captures the feeling this band wants to reflect on its listeners.


“Lucid Dream” driven by the synths and backed by a flamenco guitar, the vocals again contain strains of psychedelia with its reverb, dreamy feel right till the end where the subtle come down of the bass, keyboard and acoustic guitar lays you down on a cloud.


“Birds Singing Lies” takes you to the jungle surrounded with birds with tropical percussions and dreamy vocals, before the storm hits and the all creatures are awoken, embarking us on a psychedelic instrumental voyage with electric guitars taking center stage.


Whilst it’s been tough to find out more about these guys, their inspiration, message and goals, it’s great to see the way they’ve taken a piece of home into their music, reflecting their environment and emotions onto the album. Whilst sniffing glue might give you a slight trip, this album will transport you to places you dream of: full of sun, warmth, tropics, jungles and not a worry in the world.

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