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A 2000’s home recording project that didn’t ended up as just another indie rock band, Grizzly Bear has been keeping on track mixing their lo-fi serenades with their unique psychedelic jazzy style.

The Brooklyn band has been evolving since 2005 when they had their debut album “Horn of Plenty”, an album written and composed just by the member Ed Droste since he started this as a solo project. Their first album shows us their powerful and hypnotising sounds for filling the atmospheric silence. The name of the band is actually the nickname of one of Droste’s best friends.

“It was just like doing a little home project, and I thought oh, this is fun, I’m just going to call this stuff Grizzly Bear”.

Later on, the project rose with the collaboration of Christopher Bear adding his free jazz style and leading us to their second album “Yellow House” which was recognised as one of the best albums of 2006. This was the first album with the quartet as a band, Bear and Droste were subsequently joined by the bass guitar and producer Chris Taylor and soon after the guitarist and vocalist Daniel Rossen (a Bear’s friend from jazz-camp) joined them with some of his own songs and after just a week they were all on the road for a 2-month tour and they really learned to get along with each other, spending two months on the same car. Droste noted…

“I was quite happy to relinquish the idea of being a solo artist. I hate the thought of being under a spotlight with my guitar, mumbling into a microphone. It’s only scary to me.”

Something I’ve always enjoyed about this band is their music videos; they have a story to tell for each of their sonic ballads featuring wild vocals. The video for “Ready, Able” gives us this weird clay-motion art to trip a bit into some kind of spaceship into the woods.

Without a doubt Grizzly Bear creates melodies from their deepest feelings, their album “Shields” shows us the most lonely and melancholic vibe of the quartet making us notice every detail and colour for every one of the songs. Listen closely to the interaction of the instruments for this one. I think they have this hint for Animal Collective joining wildly voices and experimental odd sounds. After their four albums and two EP’s the band has showed us some of what they have been working on with their new single “Three Rings”, released last Friday May 5th. The song is filled of nostalgic vocals and of course their repetitive sonic sounds.

There is no doubt that the quartet band is unfolding with every album they create. What we could have for sure by now is how Grizzly Bear will never disappoint us with the psych vibe and we are really excited to listen to the whole new album after 5 years of melancholy.

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