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Happy Birthday Father John Misty!!

What else can be said about this man and his talent? From being Josh Tillman when born 36 years ago on the third of May and until the transformation into Father John Misty the 1st of May of 2012 when releasing “Fear Fun” one of the most acclaimed modern works in Music, getting 10/10 ratings everywhere and being called “Best New Music”. At that point this “chameleon-esque” was seen as one of the most brilliant and organic musical transformations. Nowadays, some like me just see the perfect marketing decision in the correct timing followed up by a good musical piece. The Real thing though, came across my way the day I got to listen his new Album, “Pure Comedy”.

An Album where he desperately tries to pass a message sometimes in a more convenient free flown way and other times in a totally forced and unequivocally sadistic way. Mainly ballads, this is an album that praises for World Peace and makes fun out of things that society nowadays accepts as dogmas and should really not be acceptable, for example Trump’s presidency, heavily featured in the videoclip for “Pure Comedy”, one of the greatest hits from this collection.

However the question remains… Did FJM do this album in a really selfless way with the only objective of creating protest songs against the current situation in a sarcastically accurate way? Well, Musically Speaking his narcissism is not present, although as any human being he worries more about his own life than of others! However when presenting the whole collection to the press I believe he forgot what it should have been all about and just went to all possible interviews exposing his amusing charisma. I do not complain as I actually really loved how he “Unboxed” his vinyl and all the design of it. However not only fans but also haters are too busy  criticising the exaggerated media coverage and personality of the artist instead of discussing the album itself, not only the music as well as the message.

Now if you close yourself in a room, with no internet access, not knowing the whole story behind this anxiously depressed soul who self medicates with Micro dosages of LSD and only focus on the music he puts forward in this second work as FJM you might be amazed. From  “So I’m Growing Old On Magic Mountain”, an almost 10 minute ballad with, then again, intense instrumentals taking you back to some samples from his first album to “Leaving L.A.” a song that only disappoints since its creator started calling it his own “Stairway to Heaven” which even though you believe you are the greatest artist in the World, Dear Josh, Led Zeppelin have no possible comparison. An intense journey that builds up with intensively sad songs all over that can be a great company for a Sunday Morning coffee as long as you have not been having suicidal thoughts for the last couple of days. 

“Pure Comedy” will make you laugh with lyrics such as “God, next time try something less ambitious” precisely in the way the author intends to. The sarcastic laughter of someone that knows that the end might be closer than expected and until then the only thing one can do other than sad songs is laughing about how the hell did we get here. Overall it is an innovative piece by Father John Misty that sometimes sounds more like Josh Tillman with a definite touch from his old colleagues of the “Fleet Foxes” imaginary.

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