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Have You Ever heard Radiohead? NO. You Haven’t

Eureka! This is what I shouted after listening to the first seconds of what proved to be one of the most intense musical trips I have ever had in my life. And who better than Radiohead to guide me through it?

I just love “Recomended for you” Youtube section. It opens a Pandora Box I am not able to close sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. And why do I love it? Well for an instance, thanks to it I found out the perfect way of listening to “Pyramid Song” by Radiohead. One of the most mystical bands to still perform in the music scene has yet again surprised me through the art of “dumaramutsi” that just decided to upload and take as its creation some Radiohead songs slowed down by 800%. “What? Can Radiohead be even slower?” and the answer was given. “Yes, they can! And it sounds majestic”. 

Adding to this, the top comment on the youtube video could not be a better complement of the video itself suggesting:

“Put this on and around 12:30 seconds in, play the original unslowed in a new tab while putting this at about half or a third volume. Epic doesn’t cover it.”

Some might call this a way of ruining RadioHead’s original track, others might be like me, and just enjoy the almost 39 minute ride using it as channel for meditation. 

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