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Hinds- “I Don’t Run” – Album Review

I’ve been excited for this one, the Madrid-born indie/garage rock band Hinds, have returned with their sweet and sour melodies as well as infecting lyrics. The 4-piece girl band consisting of Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums) bring us their second album – ‘I Don’t Run’. As honest and raw as their last record, surrounded with plucky guitar riffs, kickass vocals and drums, Hinds bring us a cleaner sound still filled with the incredible spirit that has touched many across the globe; and they’re only getting started.
Hinds mean business; having conquered the hearts of the Madrileños, they’ve made their way across the US and UK over the years with great success, selling out shows in New York, London as well as in Madrid within a few hours back in January as an example. Just last month they took part in SXSW (Austin, Texas), completing 14 shows in around a week, showing their true grit and hunger to rock. With influences such as Black Lips, Ty Segall, The Strokes andMac Demarco to name a few, they’ve already supported acts such as The Libertines, The Vaccines as well as Albert Hammond Jr. amongst others. They’ve already played in Thailand, Australia, taken part in festivals such as Benicassim , been announced for Reading & Leeds Festival with a massive tour until June across the US and Europe. For their second album, recorded and produced alongside Gordon Raphael who’s worked with The Strokes, we find ourselves surrounded with tingly, trembling guitars and sing-along melodies. Hinds infect us with a warm-spirit, swarming tonic surf-sound and with such determination that is reflected also live; their energy on stage is contagious.

First on the album, “The Club”, released as a single and described by the band as it’s presentation card, this song contains the best of Hinds; a skyrocketing lead guitar riff, a commanding bass and contagious vocals. With greatly intertwined vocals and catchy lyrics, the constant drumming makes this a top indie-track! Following on, “Soberland” brings a story of crossing paths with funny characters, an honest tale of reminding yourself of reality whilst “Linda” makes us shed a tear over questions related to love and all the ambiguity around it.

 Football, at the heart of the city between Real & Atletico Madrid, the themed video clip for “New For You” brings us a tale of trying to be a better version of yourself for love, its lo-fi garage rock sound, wild and fun take on the subject brings us great enjoyment.
“Tester” is another entertaining track packed with great rhythms and girl power regarding the infidelity of some men, another raw track which asks the question: “ Should I’ve known before you were also banging her?”. For “Finally Floating”, we’re introduced to a middle point in between dreams and reality, Carlotta and Ana wanted to show their obsession with dreams, seeing moments around bedtime as the most interesting ones of your daily life:

Another two of my favorite tracks of the album are “I Feel Cold But I Feel Warm” and “Ma Nuit”, the former revealing a very soothing melody, where Carlotta and Ana decided to reflect their new phase in life “la vida lapis”. Going into writing the second album, the song talks of acceptance for being a mess and committing mistakes, all whilst staying feeling like a kid. Finally, “Ma Nuit” mixes Spanish, English and French, taking on a beautifully authentic sound, the acoustic guitar rattling in echoes across a room with the lovely vocals intertwining in linguistics. My favorite element of this track is probably the bird noises in the background, it reminds me of summer, open windows and the grandparent’s house which has an old guitar lying around.

It’s been great to see Hinds present us with what is a fantastic album full of boozy melodies, flashy rock and down-to-earth lyrics. Residing in Madrid, it’s awesome to see these girls rock it out across the world, they’ve clearly reached a new level on this new record, which I hope means more ears will tune in on Hinds and ‘I Don’t Run’.

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