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Taking 90’s inspiration from Prince, HOMESHAKE made us fall for it with its melancholic tapes released in 2013 mixing lo-fi sound and samples of Dragon Ball Z.

You have to follow the dreamy R&B sound of this Montreal based band with delightful cold-synths. Peter Sagar introduced himself with his two tapes Dynamic Meditation and The Homeshake with the conventional touch of home-recorded aesthetic. Moon Woman shows the aesthetic of Sagar, this is the last song his first tape The Homeshake.

Music and composer Peter Sagar was first known for being former guitarist of Mac DeMarco, and it was in 2014 when he decided to try his own thing with a more chill but synth-pop sound. In the shower it’s the name of his debut full-length album. “Hey what’s up my name is Pete” it’s how he introduces himself in “Okay” the 7th song of his first album, a chill melody to walk home by. We can notice a lot of influence of Mac DeMarco at his first album; it was kind of created on the road when he was still touring with DeMarco and it also expresses the end of that phase and his beginning as a solo project putting his affairs in order back home.

His second album Midnight Snack (2015) begins with a 59-second track of some weird background voices and laughs, Sagar says:

“Contrast is good, not everything has to match.”

And that’s exactly how this album goes, odd videos come with this one and it’s hard to choose a favourite cause each one in this album is just enjoyable oddity for your brain. The melancholic voice of Sagar cannot be missed in any song. This is my favourite project of Sagar; I think Midnight Snack is the album where we could see Sagar’s essence.

He used his guitar as a writing tool for this one, and he implemented the synth for having more texture to work with. Midnight Snack has a lot of tape echo, which is Sagar’s favorite effect to work wit hand  even though Peter didn’t think of himself as a lyricist I think with this album we could see a new phase of him as a musician.

The last project of Sagar was released this February 2017, staying “always chill and with a melancholic sound”. “Fresh Air” it’s the name of his latest album and it comes with a funky instrumental and refreshing sound, Sagar says it was mostly inspired in songs written at his balcony when he went out for a weed smoke.

Are you even paying attention to me right now?

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