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How is “The Weather” ?

How many bands have you seen being compared to Tame Impala? Well I have wrote comparisons several times to them along the past days. However Today, when writing to you about Pond, the band where Kevin Parker was the drummer for the first two years of existence before departing to his own solo music kingdom of psychedelia (Tame Impala), and which still shares some of its members with them, I will never mention their name again. Pond has gone a different way. An unique sound that is magnificently produced by Kevin in his Studio in Perth. 

Starting with Nick’s Allbrook career not only as frontman of Pond, as well solo and in a duo with Cam Avery, currently the bass player of that band that I promised I would not mention anymore. Among all these acts he has already released more music than any other member of both bands. Having the only similarity with Kevin’s vocals the high pitch spacial loop, he manages to be even more abstract when singing not only lyrically, as we can listen in “A / B” the sixth song of their new work, “The Weather” released this week.

All drama apart, Pond has always had a strong say in Psychedelic Pop-Rock ever since they released their first album in 2008, “Psychedelic Mango” one really wicked album with an almost Lo-Fi quality from the cover of the album to its content its so raw I just love it. After that with “Frond” in 2010, ever since the first song you notice the drums just got heavier and the music way more majestic. Kevin Parker is on the drums on this one, and its as we’ll a really good listen to understand the whole musical scenario. In both albums there is always a 10 minute song in the end that makes it legendary. Something only happened again in 2015 in “Man it Feels Like Space Again”.

However in Spotify their albums only date from 2012 when Pond suffered the post break up restructuring. In that same year “Beard, Wives, Denim” proved a concept, with a mix of both previous albums combined in one with a way stronger Nick fronting the project. Both that and “Hobo Rocket” in 2013 were strong statements of the band towards the contemporaneous vibes that were being played all over the World with big tones of Psychedelic Rock. They did needed at the time some kind of different personification that would makes them more singular in such a competitive genre. And it was with “Man it Feels like Space Again” that they indeed embodied the whole Pond feeling into one Album. One of the Best Albums of 2015 that picked up the old “Big Finale” thing as well as hits that define nowadays many influences of the Pop-Psychedelia scene like “Zond”.

Now they have released “Weather”. And this album is just the most beautifully coherent piece of music in accordance with their previous work they could have done. A complex and at some point confusing ballad to the World with a lot of character into it. The character of one of the greatest bands of Psychedelic Pop Rock ever and one of the greatest to come out of the “Land Down Under”. We already knew for long the greatness of “Sweep Me Off My Feet” and “30000 Megatons” that open this masterpiece. What We did not know was that “Colder Than Ice”, definitely the catchiest one of them all, would just present itself immediately after.

There was a story to be told as well along the “Edge Of The World” in two parts that combined last for 11 incredible minutes of a trip to the confines of their own little universe that sometimes resonates the intros of Pink Floyd. In between those two parts there are two really strong and “explicit” songs filled with a life of their own and totally different musicalities inside of the same song as it happens in “A / B” and “Zen Automaton”. Another two additions that condense the body of possibly the best album I have heard this year.

They end as they often do. With a song homonymous with the album. And they did it once again. They proved there is a really bright side of Pop in Psychedelia and Australians know how to “paint it”, with names like Tame Impala, Pond, King Gizzard and others that have been building this scene that sometimes I see in the streets of Melbourne. The psychedelic routine of daily life turned into music is one beautiful thing. And Pond know how to do this perfectly. Keep going boys!!

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