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How To Be A Famous Band Without An Album – by Cigarettes After Sex

In June 2008, in Texas, El Paso, Greg Gonzalez started this project, that only in 2012 had its first EP released, by the name of “I”. Four tracks that helped to consolidate the Youtube fame that was noticeable almost since the beginning of the band. An extraordinary marketing campaign done by their brand image and live shows towards an audience that just got bigger, first in Youtube, and more recently as well in Spotify. 

“Nothing Is Gonna Hurt You Baby” was one of their greatest hits until the released of this now first album released today. Counting with 56 millions views on Youtube and 9 million on Spotify, one can be amazed by the amount of fans they have for being releasing their first album now. Five years is a long time between a first EP and a first album as much as four years is as well an overwhelming amount of time since inception to first EP. And still, they needed nothing else in order to get the recognition they deserved.

Greg Gonzalez manages to create this honest Slowcore ambient music that just exists to be the soundtrack of their name. The moment when the nicotine rush meets the post adrenaline of sex and all the feelings appear to blend in a mellow high. A pure raw moment of peaceful happiness. The same printed in this dream pop rendition that bends towards ambient music when inhaling the cigarette.

With this full length work, after having moved to Brooklyn, New York, the best scene in the world for Dream Pop, Greg demonstrates a seriousness that no other work had, which makes it lose its rawness at times. The Album starts with “K”, which we knew previously as a Single, and loved dearly from the smoothest transitions in the riffs of the guitars to the lyrics: “I Think I love you more when you are just with me/ and no one else” .

As well we did know “Each Time You Fall In Love” which reminds me of Enya in a transcendent way, not only for the vocals as well for the instrumentals that take you to another kind of heaven then again portraying perfectly whole the pre and post sex vibes in a dark room.Following up a new song, “Sunsetz”, that although written in a really annoying way makes it to their top songs ever written. As “Apocalypse” does, the last of the three songs already released in previous years.

There were now six songs until the end of this album and all of them brand new. Something never seen by this band, releasing such an amount of new songs in a day. The first feeling one gets when listening to them is that they are all kind of the same. Something that is said about not only them as it is by many of this genre. However, that is the beauty of the genre as well. As you hear it one second time you will fall in love by a specific layer of the song. And then at some point you love a small detail about every song of the album, and you end up loving as a whole.

In “Flash” I loved the drum and bass cooperation aligned with one of the catchiest chorus of the compilation; in “Sweet” are the lyrics that do it for me “You know that Im obsessed with your body // but its the way you smile that does it for me”; “Opera House” is their longest song ever recorded, and I love it for maybe just that unfortunately; “Truly” and “John Wayne” are quite similar in construction and even in the way he sings both the words “Truly” and “Baby” (in “John Wayne”) which makes them be an amazing follow-up towards the last song of the album.

“Young & Dumb” ends this first work by Greg Gonzalez and His Cigarettes, and accomplishes to resume the whole work in one fantastic hit where his vocals then again make the whole personality of it, with those dreamy guitar effects that he manages to grasp and combine perfectly with his voice. The only Explicit song of the album as well for “Sucking Cock”, which makes it just a little bit vulgar, which is always appreciated when approaching sex.

A Great Day for the fans of the band as well for the fans of this genre that find now seven new gems to be delighted with for probably a long time to come. 

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