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Interviewing: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // Review “Hope Downs”

The rain wasn’t expected. However even if there was some the RBCF totally eliminated its influence with their Summer vibes. Primavera Sound, Porto, last Saturday, they gave the last concert of their World Tour and as a consistent and solid band that they already are they have an album to release and prepare to Tour again! “Hope Downs” is only their first album  which resembles the feat of all the recognition that “French Press” EP got. The Melbourne quintet has challenged the idea that from Australia one could only hear some of the best psychedelic rock ever existent. However they come with a lighter Summer Rock (is this a genre yet?) approach that captivates us all to thin about how close Summer is. Not for them though, going back to their home country …

Back in our first article about this band we had a quote from them, saying that for this first album creative process:

 “I’d like to go somewhere a bit sunny because I think that the sunlight is… that’s what we all sort of need to feel good. I don’t know if we’d be able to write the kind of album we’re trying to write in the depths of winter in Melbourne. I think we’d need to be somewhere where it’s a bit warmer.”

The result couldn’t be brighter. For the connoisseurs of Australian music many will declare that their main influence are “The Go-Betweens” and you are most certainly right. However their charisma in and out of the stage transcends their music and it was with a small talk after their concert in Oporto last week that I got to know that. First of all some of them are family members, others longtime friends and that produces the sort of chemistry needed for an organical creative process that makes simple things sound amazing. Because that’s as well part of their essence. And I firmly believe that is why they have Subpop Records label with them since the early beginning.

“An Air Conditioned Man” is indeed a breath of fresh air in Indie Rock music. One of our latest favorite songs that has been playing over and over at the offices, with a view to the Sea. The darker and more complex melodies along with the emphatically distorted solos are perfectly melted into a hit wonder bigger than any of their previous songs. Definitely from their new album the most acclaimed as well in the concert. Getting back to it, the ending could have not been better with “Wide Eyes” and “French Press” being played to a mastery level that makes live music so much worth the whole rain, ticket and beer costs.

Another very interesting one from “Hope Downs”, that you can listen from tomorrow onwards, is “Cappucino City” that more than an interesting name ends up being exactly what it promises. A lighter but sweeter version of the band still with the needed punch in the end just like the Italian coffee. The album just like the concert could not have a better ending with “The Hammer” that combines a mourning emotion, reminiscent of their Post-Punk traces, into it and leaves us a “White Lies”, British Band from 2007,  kind of nostalgia that due to its almost cinematic lyrics kicks the whole work up to the TOP Albums of the Year competition.

This Album has the RBCF “Talking Straight” in a coherent 10 tracks piece which goes directly to my Indie Rock collection. Summer is coming and they have just created its soundtrack. Australia is more than Psych-Rock mate!

In the convo we had, I had a little Melbourne themed dialogue with these two pieces of the beautiful five piece puzzle which is RBCF, since I was drinking beers a year ago in Brunswick st 15 meters away from their studio and always wondered how could they make it in a such talented city where even beggars have more talent than many “Got Talent” contestants in Europe as Tash Sultana proved recently, and the truth is we ended up discussing how bad the housing situation was in the city and the mood went down. However the Hopes only go Down in this amazing album, here to cheer up this Beach Season in the North Hemisphere and warm the heart of the Southern always with the adequate mood for the state of events nowadays. Happy with a constant tone of darkness. 

The face of a happy fan! Great to meet you mates 🙂


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