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Introducing – Living Room Concerts Madrid

In the heart of Madrid lies a simple yet magnificent concept, it’s gathered over 2000+ members since its creation in 2015 and has staged artists from around the world who are not only visiting but residing in Madrid. Introduced and created as a social experience with music by Nichole Hastings, the group was started with three purposes in mind:
“The first is to discover new original music. The second is to remove the stage and have a more direct interaction and connection between performer and audience. The third is to create a space where concert-goers can meet new people and form genuine connections.”
Living Room Concerts (LRC) takes place in someone’s most unique and private space; imagine how many people can sit or stand in your living room, add a band playing unplugged and acoustic, resonating their songs across the building. Nichole has gathered people from all backgrounds in Madrid who love indie singer-songwriters, musicians performing their own compositions, whether an unknown, little known, emerging or up-and-coming artists.
Spaces can have 20 to 60 people varying on the location and it honestly is amazing how many people fit in a living room, the first concert I attended was in a warm little apartment in La Latina, where Kester Jones, and his accompaniment Melanie on violin, Mike on double bass and Q Mins on percussion; were staged in the corner of the room. Kester is an instrumentalist, singer songwriter and sound engineer/producer who’s acoustic-based compositions mix between folk, blues and country. Stories were told as around 20 to 25 people sat/stood in the room on a cold, rainy Friday, all enjoying some live music. This is all thanks to the amazing host, who warmly attended to people and created the stage for such an experience in her living room.

After Easter, I had the pleasure of attending another LRC, this time taking place at El Salon del Artista close to Noviciado, a space which enables performers, dancers and artists to express themselves. LRC has expanded to small, intimate venues/bars/cafes around Madrid which makes it for a fun experience in special spaces. Forasteros, led by Tara on vocals, the gypsy folk and jazz group of 4 without their drummer as well as bass player melodically charmed us with stories of great meaning for the different band members. We even took a small 10-minute break which involved a mindfulness exercise, which proved to be very relaxing and energising.

A special mention to Jacob Axel Peter, the young Swedish-born singer-songwriter invited me to attend my first LRC in January. With his Jazz and rock infused sound, a James Hetfield-like voice with soft tones and sweet lyrics, it was a pleasure to attend his concert at La Paralela! All of these concerts didn’t happen by luck, Nichole has been organising the events from A-Z, putting the pieces together by linking host, artist and concert-goers. There is so much going on behind the scenes which takes time and determination, it’s no surprise LRC is being requested around Europe. Nichole is running with her passion for music, working after-hours and building a foundation which is expanding. The concerts are a joy to attend, all you have to do is sign up to be a member on Meetup and answer some questions about why you’d like to join! Nichole sends all the details, gives regular updates and is always available to contact if there are any issues.
We’ll be back with more from Living Room Concerts, until then, we recommend taking a closer look at this group!
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