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Jack Black – The Rock’n Roll Messenger

For those who don’t know, Jack Black has become the dude when it comes to rock, expressing his continuous love for bands such as Led Zeppelin and other legends of this kind. The actor/musician has stared in fantastic movies such as ‘School of Rock’ and ‘Tenacious D’, also the name of his band accompanied by Kyle Glass since 1994. The comedy rock duo has released 3 albums alongside the movie, earning the hearts of millions with their catchy hard/acoustic rock tunes.

Did you know that they’re also good buddies with Dave Grohl who’s played drums for their tracks on the ‘Tenacious D’ movie? You can also spot them in the Foo Fighters clip for “Learn To Fly”:

Not only does he seem to be a genuinely nice, loving guy but my attention was drawn to his Instagram recently, which involve a lot of lip-syncing videos of songs from all spectrums. His beautiful faces and narration just reminds me of how much I love music as well as the way it makes it makes me feel. With his touch of humour, seeing the videos make me chuckle but also appreciate what he’s listening to.

This takes me back to the fantastic ‘School of Rock’, where as a teacher, he builds a band consisting of his students and leads them to rock and roll fame at a local battle of bands. He inspires them to master their crafts and hands every kid an album fitted to their instruments as well as musical taste. Every time I see one of his videos, I feel like I’m being taught by an absolute legend who doesn’t take any fun away from the beauty that is music, no matter the genre, instrument or year it came from. To wrap things off, this is somewhat an appreciation article to Jack Black but he’s also got fantastic taste in music and has made a playlist from all the videos he’s posted which you can find here!


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