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Kid Trails

A goldmine. Pure Experimental Rock spread out in 3 Digital Albums (5 songs each) and a longer one released this year under the name “Kid Trails Rising”. And indeed he finally did. Spotify patronized him under their “Fresh Finds” playlist with the song “It Goes” and he is about to explode the charts!

September. Try listening to this and not enjoy the melancholy that we all connect to this month exposed in Gibson sounding guitars filled with dreamy Blues effects typical of Summer nostalgia. However one can also still hear some musical immaturity, normal for an artist that shares his first 3 Ep’s only through his website and asks you to “name the price” as if he would be playing in the streets, for his songs as the one above is an example since its part of his second DA named “The State”.

However this year’s album is being shared by the artist through Spotify and has a total different quality. That did not, fortunately, mean that he sold himself to that mean industry of Record labels. As we can see in this video with Toro y Moi his creative process his pretty individual and he manages to be responsible of Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer of the Album only needing the help of Backing Vocals and Drums.

“Kid Trails Rising” has the sole duration of 31 minutes. And we promise you its worth every of the 1860 seconds of it! From great acoustic pieces such as “Borderline” to “Managers” which is just an hymn to the fuzzy pop effect that We have never seen any other artist use so perfectly, this is a full-experience that leaves you with two certainties. Good Music is always gonna be there, you just need to find it (and here We promise we will help) and the fact that there Artists doing Music for the sake of it (and here We just praise them for it!).

“The Side” confers you the audiovisual of what a concert from Kid Trails could sound like, however We can’t wait until this newborn Musical genius starts flying around the main European Festivals this Summer! The true genius of this artist when finally revealed to us When we were almost done reviewing and this youtube clip of this song showed in Autoplay where you can still hear the purity of the sound although you see a full band performance in a humble Papa Jazz Cafe.

It’s thanks to artists like Kid Trails that Musically Speaking makes sense. We want you to be part of this Musical Revolution of spreading out the Great Music that is laying around the internet! An almost one-man band that has still to fully explain the audience what will be their supreme value added that we believe Patrick Jeffords has in his pocket.

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