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King Krule @ Vodafone Paredes De Coura

For the last few months, Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, has been reappearing at festivals such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona and FYF Festival in Los Angeles, his name in the line-up at Paredes de Coura has been sparking excitement for new King Krule material. His last album was under his name with “A New Place 2 Drown” in 2015, before teaming up again with Mount Kimbie with the song “Blue Train Lines” this July but this time, under the name King Krule.


Earlier on before the gig, the Just Musically Speaking team was gathered backstage, waiting to interview “You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown”, before King Krule himself walked by us, probably having a stroll around the festival. Whilst we wish we had introduced ourselves, at 21:20, the anticipation was set and after seeing him walk by, we would now see him perform. Starting off with the dark and obscure “Has This Hit?”, his voice transcending through the amphitheater-like stage, continuing to set the mood with “Ceiling”. The levels jump up with “A Lizard State”, its felt as people start dancing and catching along to the rhythm of the chorus.



  • We’re then introduced to the new song “Dumb Surfer” which shows the new power Krule has with the bass player’s strong vocals giving more depths to the impact of the song, the saxophone adding a soft/dreamy layer and finally someone using samplers/electronics to play with beats, textures and all kind of layers one can listen to in a song.

As expected, we were introduced to many new tracks, two of them have no traces online, titled “Glazed Bass Face” and “Muzak” since this was all I could summarize when they were sung. We can notice a change in his sound for the upcoming album, Krule sticking to what he’s been doing in terms of the guitar chords and rhythmic part, but now with a saxophone and a dub machine (not quite sure the terminology for the electronic instrument) all playing a part. We’re seeing him add an instrument that he’s used on a couple songs in the past but could potentially use more often, vocals could now take different leads and with electronics taking another effect, Krule can jump around sounds and feels. We know that he has lots of projects going on, it will be very interesting to see how the Krule persona will incorporate certain parts of his other projects and what the outcome of it will be.


  • The beautiful “Ocean Bed”, a beautiful song with tangling guitars and Krule’s voice floating us on an ocean wave, a definite highlight of his performance on that warm night which marked the half point of his gig.

“Rock Bottom” and “Little Wild” are songs written individually on his albums but don’t feature on there, unless in a certain country or something along those lines. It’s great to see Krule pull them out though, “Little Wild” playing around with electronics, using a sort of hip-hop beat and “Rock Bottom” has it all packed to show why Krule is King.  

  • The last new song from his set is “Half Man Half Shark”, here (video above) he is performing it recently at Primavera Sound but the quality makes it hard for us to really pick out details of the track.

It nevertheless features a King with masterful power in his voice, dark toned chords with a bashing reverb coming from the electronics alongside a fast-paced tempo, a song we highly anticipate finding out more about. To finish off the set, we are treated to the fantastic “Baby Blue” and “Easy Easy”, ones which the crowd did not hold back to sing along too and sounded just as good as live as they do in headphones.

This was overall a great performance by King Krule, we were treated to some old/new tunes which we can look forward to, his interaction with the crowd was limited but he knew what to say and when to say it, getting on with his performance and as always getting into the groove of his songs with his distinctive voice as well as stature on stage. We can only get excited for what’s to come, we cannot wait for King Krule to release his new album, some of the new tracks he’s performed this summer have created a real sense that we’re going to get served some mind-blowing Krule stuff.

Until then, it was more than a pleasure to see him do his thing at Paredes and we’re sure he’ll come back to this same magical spot with his complete new material.


  1. Has This Hit?

  2. Ceiling

  3. A Lizard State

  4. Dumb Surfer

  5. “Glazed Bass Face”

  6. Ocean Bed

  7. “Muzak”

  8. Rock Bottom

  9. Little Wild

  10. Half Man Half Shark

  11. Baby Blue

  12. Easy Easy


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