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The recently 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist is back this time with an album turned to nostalgia. “This old dog” is his sixth and most personal album, written in New York and recorded in Los Angeles the place he might now call home.

We love that Mac will stay as the same character on and off stage. Always joking and jumping into the crowd, burping and having someone else’s drink. DeMarco has been cooking up something good, showing us his always-unique keyboard skills; good things come with time and Mac certainly took his time for this one.

DeMarco says –“Usually I just write, record, and put it out; no problem. But this time, I wrote them and they sat. When that happens, you really get to know the songs. It was a different vibe.” The “pepperoni playboy” has been our odd and funny guy for the past 6 years; perhaps it was about time to have a glimpse off his truly human nature. The album itself is on about a really private part of DeMarco’s life, on his dad being back to his life after he was diagnosed with cancer.

He ends his 13-track album with two songs, as a goodbye to his old man, “Moonlight on the river” and “Watching him fade away” which are the more down to earth ones. Open hearted lyrics about his absent dad; he is uncertain about how he feels with the now returned old man and the awkwardness is well portrayed in these songs.

“The thought of him no longer being around… well sure it would be sad but not really different.”

Mac’s relationship with his dad has been always rough; living without his dad was a landmark in his life, it was just impossible for him to understand how someone would rather alcohol and drugs instead of his own family. The upper comes with the fact that his dad is recovering well and back into Macs life, and Mac suspects he might get a call by him on the new album.

“I guess I’m supposed to act like a son to this dude, but at the same time, he’s just some random guy.”

You can never go wrong with a nice psychedelic keyboard and Mac proved it with “On the level”, making us space out for a while; a groovy synth song with a foolproof background on it, reminding us a bit of “Chamber of Reflection”.

“Dreams from yesterday” gives us back a bit of our old Mac, just joining his guitar easygoing chords and a chill beat to lay his lyrics on; this song makes you just sit and enjoy its full length. Finally we were as well expecting the previously released “One More Love Song” that ends up not having much love into it.

“Is one more love out to break your heart, set it up just to watch it fall apart.”

This Old dog is without a doubt the most human part of DeMarco that we all have been able to see, he wants to be taken seriously and with such personal lyrics he’s making us part of a Real Mac DeMarco we were all ready to get to know. In the end, it’s not just what DeMarco has made us think with this new alter ego he has, it’s all about what he made us feel with it.

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