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Mighty Sands – ConverSessions

In a dark February night, when the rain was already settling down, me and Bernardo parked the car in front of a church and embarked in yet another conversession, this time with a re-known band of the Portuguese scene. They intend to revolutionise music not only by playing it as well as from the industry perspective, since they are as well the proud founders of Spring Toast Records, that has been launching the younger names, of the endless pit of raw music talent, that Portugal has been proving to be!

When arriving to what seemed to be the door of a garage there is an old English Man coming out of it with a beer in his hand. After presenting ourselves he immediately took us on a tour inside of “a place he called home”. With the best vintage equipment I have ever seen in my life, spread around several rooms in two floors, filled with history and loads of music. After it, he took us to a big black door, and without even asking permission pushed us inside. We were now witnessing one of the most beautiful things in the music world. A live rehearsal of a band we so much admire of songs no one has ever heard of. 

The interview was happening and I did not even had time to prepare. In front of my eyes I had the whole band looking to fit their own unique personality into one harmonious melody where even the voice is seen as an instrument. The lyrics grow with the song and are often repetitive as a guitar riff would be. However when listening to their new material we found even more harmony between the members of the band creating a way more organic sound out of each contribution. 

After a couple of songs they finally gave us the floor although we were not really sure if we needed to ask anything else about the band after being present in one of their most intimate moments as a band! (which we thank them again for!!)

What now was intriguing me was the story behind “Spring Toast Records”.Understand their views on the music industry, how to better explore the raw talent constantly showing up at their doors and how were they different from “CucaMonga” or “Xita Records”.

To start off, their artist range is not the broadest until now, since other than Filipe Sambado and Vaiapraia, the other names they have are members of the band going solo like Calcuta (Teresa, the guitarrist) or Jasmin (Martim, the synth player). However the musical quality, not only in terms of production as well as final product ends up being one of the best of the market so far.

More than the artists they already have, they revealed us that in this year of 2017 there will be a good amount of new artists coming out as well as they did tell us their masterplan of having the Spring Toast Records Festival, something that has been seen in the “day format” with other record labels, now in a festival format! Ambition and Initiative, the two words that  best fit not only the band for bringing us such unique vibes as well as the Record Label that wants to breakthrough and be the biggest in the World. And we dearly believe in their dreams!!

An honourable mention to Jasmin, a guy that for me was just a really good percussionist and synth player of Mighty Sands turned out to be way more talented than that when I found out about “The Oitavo Mar” his latest EP. 

Finally we asked the usual question in our conversessions, “Who would you like to have as a band member? ” . And when we were waiting for names from the school of the 70’s psychedelia, the answer was surprising but unanimous. “Violeta!! We want Violeta! The Flute Player, from Jasmin !!”

Is Violeta already part of the gang guys??

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