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MNDSGN – Beats from LA transporting us to space

Pronounced “mind design” as his stage name, Ringgo Ancheta from Los Angeles, US is a hip-hop producer raised in New Jersey with Gospel music and B-Boy culture at the center of his growing up days. He’s released 3 studio albums and plenty of EPs, whilst making appearances alongside other artists of this genre, he’s now focused his efforts on beat-making and has made an impact since his second album ‘Yawn Zen’ from 2014, under the great label Stones Throw Records. ‘Body Wash’ released last year, just shows us again how diverse, psychedelic, groovy and fun MNDSGN’s music is, whether you’re baked or not.

Before devoting more time to beat-making, MNDSGN grew a solid fan base online, releasing a bunch of tracks that people have been loving over the years. His EP ‘Feels’ is fantastic, bringing psychedelia, funk, intricate drums, spacious feels and an overall great understanding for his electro productions. ‘Breatharian’ is also brilliant, again showing off his talent for producing beats, creating various vibes and elements from different genres, allowing listeners to see how open his projects are.

Ancheta first started experimenting with beats when he befrediended fellow producer Knxwledge, with who he teamed up alongside Devonwho and Suzi Analogue to make the Klipmode collective. On their album, you can see the different waters that are tested, some more dreamy, some heavier in their tone but an important step for his career. Following advice from Knxwledge, he ditched his sales job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue this career on a serious basis, getting noticed by Stone Throw Records who’s had artists such as Aloe Blacc, J Dilla, as well as NxWorries. He’s since then released ‘Yawn Zen’ which was a breakthrough, the record containing beat-making complexity, varying in textures and layers from lo-fi to funk with touches of dizziness attached to reflect that LA sun as well as mood. Songs like “Camelblues”, “Homewards”, “Txt(MSGS)” and “Sheets” showing listeners just how far this artist could venture as well as the slick vibes he could produce.

His latest album ‘Body Wash’ came out last year, it follows a narrative dreamed up by MNDSGN where an extraterrestrial drifter lands on Earth, meeting a mysterious woman with telepathic abilities. Offering him shelter for the night, she cleans him in a psychedelic “body wash”. He’s transported through this bath/liquid to another planet, trying to find the mysterious woman, he realizes they’re together and in the end come from the same place. This might sound trippy and that’s because it is, a lot of his music shows hints of dynamics as well as melodies that are out of this world, cosmos inspired and sonic/dreamy. MNDSGN describes the story as a vessel “that would allow me to speak on topics that were universally relatable … The story actually became a true outlet for me to address worldly issues with Self.”

“Cosmic Perspective” is funky from its core, the vocals wavy to create a certain psychedelic feel to it, this tune reminding me of Kaytranada to some degree but MNDSGN introduces a distinctive touch.

The record goes into 80’s boogie funk, woozy vibes, taking us on a cosmic trip through the stars, sticking to the narrative but with sprinkles of LA sunshine in the vibes. “Ya Own Way” contains a solid baseline and guitar riff to provide that funk whilst keyboard as well as synths dance around like magic dust, the song talking of getting from where you are to where you’re going. The trio ‘Searchin I, II & III’ are groovy, disco and loaded with funk, showing in how 7 minutes, MNDSGN can transport you to different places all whilst having various melodies, sounds as well as textures to his style.

He explains ‘Body Wash’ as: “a soul record that plays with nostalgic elements in a very dynamic & positive way. Think about it as a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with.” I can’t wait to see which destination his next album will have, as we can see, he doesn’t lack in creativity and with his confidence building around his studio albums, we can expect the next trip to be even better. Give him a listen on these warm summer days, whether you’re by the water or on a terrace at night, the vibes are full of electro-warmth, groove and laid-back attitude that will bring you joy. Check out some of his EPs, his latest album and some boiler room sets he’s been doing!

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