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MOOON – Garage/Psych 60’s Rock from a Dutch Family Trio

Consisting of brothers Tom (bass) & Gijs de Jong (drums) as well as their cousin TImo van Lierop (guitar, vocals), this garage blues family band from a small town in Holland have been shredding their way around neighboring countries. Since they got together in 2013, they released their self-titled EP in 2015 and through their hard work, will be releasing their debut album ‘MOOON’s Brew’ in October under the Amsterdam based label Excelsior Recordings.

This trio has shown its versatility in venturing from blues rock to 60’s surf and psych rock all whilst staying firm to their sound. “Surfin’ With You” shows exactly that, one of their best track from the EP, van Lierop’s vocals are as clear as the summer vibes of this song, his guitar shredding on point with bass as well as drums concisely providing the backbone. As the title suggests it, this song would be perfect for a beach outing, friends all jumping in the sea, catching waves and the sound produced has more punch to it, keeping you gripped on the melody.

You may think that this is all the trio has to offer, but upon hearing “Small Town Boy”, this blues track where van Lierop uses a bottleneck slide alongside some more delicious shredding shows the potential in sound the group has.

In anticipation for their debut album, MOOON released the single “Mary You Wanna” with echoing and surf rock like vocals, giving off psychedelic vibes before the shredding brings you back to reality. The track again shows where their sound can bring you, not being set on a certain genre means we still have a lot to discover from this trio and what exactly they’ll produce for us on their debut album. Their long hair, 60’s feel and psych/garage rock sound has gotten me excited for what’s coming, currently touring around Holland and bordering countries, it might not take long before more people are tuning in to their music.


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