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My Best Discovery Ever

So this Monday, Final Exams Week, “Spoti” (thats how I call it after such a gift) knew I needed help. As laid back on my balcony at night, after another day burning my eyeballs looking at the computer screen, I remembered that I had a whole new “Discovery Weekly” to hear. And that was the best thing I did that day. Probably the only reason I do not totally hate Spotify, since the fact that it constantly crashes, its not user-friendly and that they clearly underpay artists were reasons enough to hate such a corporation. However, after this Monday…

Coming from Brisbane, Australia this four piece group started in 2011 to spread their Indie vibes with the single “Mr.Polite” their still most listened song. This specific song that popped on my discovery is from their most critically acclaimed album “Speakerzoid”, which got a 4/5 by Rolling Stone Magazine and it is still one of the best contemporaneous Indie albums from the Land Down Under.

Cool Dancing Electronic Music. That resumes what Photay has been doing since 2014, when he finished college and decided to go to New York City. Coming from WoodStock (yes, that one) it was when he met with all the vibrance of the Big Apple that he started to create this Youthful sonority by him mastered, in a way that not even the more experienced can. Keep an eye on his work and drift away with this video.

Professor Murder is everything but new, however it never got the recognition it always deserved ever since 2004 when they released their first EP ‘Professor Murder vs The Magazine Culture”. This specifically comes from their second work in 2006, where they explored better their Punk-Dance sounds, then again coming from NYC, inspired in the 70’s new wave blended with 90’s Punk. Another quick to an abnormally good discovery.

Originally from Jorge Ben Jor, this was a Folk Brazilian song that Junip, a Swedish duo fronted by Jose Gonzalez, known for his Indie Folk music. The band started in 1998 and it released four EP’s and two albums so far. The fact that Jose has been busy with his solo project might have been a cause for not having more music in 20 years of activity, however what they do with this tune is just majestic.

One of the best Metal Stoner Rock bands ever to be created in 2005, Vermont, with their hit “Chifundo”. Formed by the guitarist Dinosaur Jr., it is as the example above cited, a band that never got the deserved recognition nor attention even from their own band members, since Dinosaur Jr. has a more successful solo career nowadays then this band.

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