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NO ZU – 10th Anniversary Concert

It’s been a decade since one of Australia’s best party bands appeared on the stage featuring their sonic-funky sounds and now to celebrate their 10th anniversary they had two heat-beat intimate concerts this weekend at the stage of Night Cat, Melbourne.

It’s just weird but you get it, if you are not familiar with this band prepare to be, you will like it and there’s no certain explanation, they just create a real party environment that pleases majorities. This was the second concert we have seen live in NightCat (Fitzroy, Melbourne)  after King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard last March; the perk for this venue is how the 360-degree stage let’s us see the bands unravel as they perform in the centre of the whole crowd. Zu didn’t struggle at all to show us their unique kind of euphoria since they were as well celebrating the release of their new 12” EP from remixes of their 2016 album “Afterlife”.

The unpretentious 8 member band differentiates from others for not having a target audience and actually it was amazing realising how the people that were joining us at the venue were from all backgrounds and ages, their unique funk-groove it’s something that we might all love but the magic comes with the heat-beat sound (as they tagged themselves) featuring the delight from their saxophone and drums that just makes you “Daaance”. Nicolaas Oogjes, frontman of the band says:

“I just really wanted to make it, it sounds really idealistic, music for everyone. ”

Musically Speaking the power the band emends is more than enough to make the whole public dance in a weird oddity that you might just understand if you loose it a bit. This disco afro-beat from Melbourne will leave us at the end of this month, for finally after two years having another European Tour. We are excited to see how things go after a decade of these atmospheric performances with lights and funky sounds.

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