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O Galo Cant’às Duas – Looping Into Space

Another revelation coming from one of our favourite music hubs in the World, Portugal! This time coming from Viseu, deep inside the interior where tradition still has a saying, they are called after a “rooster that sings at two”. Having released their first 33 minute trip to space (a.k.a album) we have now played it to the point of scratching the CD and just can’t wait for the second one!

As documented above we can see that there is not much of a band going on here which makes even more remarkable the experience they provide filled with sounds that one might relate with PAUS, another Portuguese band with already a strong presence internationally where percussion is king. However with “O Galo Cant’às Duas” there is no need for repetitive chorus since they manage to build the whole experience around the instrumentals.

And this is the reason why although we could be writing this article in Portuguese with more detail into the music scene around there. There is no language barrier between this Duo and the World and truth be said, they deserve way more than just national recognition for doing music in such an intense, vibrant and mature level in what is just a first step into the industry.

Musically Speaking, one of the things that made me be even more in  love with these two guys vibes were the smooth transitions between songs that are there just so that one can take a deep breath before embarking in yet again another trip into space. Yes, Space Rock is probably one of the best definitions I could give them along with alternative. In reality that is one of the most addictive characteristics about their music. The uniqueness of the sounds and their transcendence among several genres completes what could be a perfect mess into unforgettable collections of spacial loops.

With the appraisal coming to an end, I hope that in the future we will have even more diverse sonorities included in their music, for example with some new instruments in order to have even more layers of loops as Radiohead perfectly does. Having said this, keep your eyes open for these guys, and do not miss a chance to go to a live show in order to understand how all those loops harmoniously dance together right in front of your eyes.

For now we just have to wait for the Rooster to sing again!! Probably at two…

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