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Only Real – “Jerk at The End of the Line”

An easy singing rap that some could call “Kitechen-Sink” rap, with really dreamy pop guitar and synth riffs perfected with fun and relatable lyrics that one would not expect from a 25 year old. This is “Only Real” a.k.a Niall Galvin, or vice versa, the “Jerk at The End of the Line” if one would name him after his latest work. Some compare him to Mac DeMarco which I do relate however it is really appreciated that both exist with their unique musicality.

He has been working with Ben Allen which also produced a band he really admires (And I do as well) DeerHunter, which actually I might find some resonance in the chorus lines with the repetitions in this case turned to the Pop lines. “Few Words that triggering something” he says in one of his interviews, is probably the best description of his lyrics. Majorly influenced in The Beach Boys along with the American Hip Hop Scene is exactly a mix of that with some London vibe inside of it.

From the album above mentioned, from 2015, one of my favourites was “Break It Off” where one most appreciates the rap capabilities of Niall as well as its melodic chorus that just put you in the perfect mood. Inevitable not to mention “Cadillac Girl” his greatest hit so far and definitely one of the most played in my Spotify this Summer. Want a great love ballad with no pain or suffering involved? Listen to “Backseat Kissers” and kick back with you special one.

A great outburst coming from London where recently the music scene has not been great. Keeping it Real, Niall will keep playing in his room alone and making his music when he is not skateboarding or watching “South Park” and we Will keep an eye on what he comes up next.


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