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Oscars 2018: Top picks for Original Scores and Songs

With each beginning of the year comes a recap of the most successful movies as seen in the Academy Awards nominees, which its 90th edition will be held on March 4th. With them, there are astonishing people that put hard work and talent into bringing these creative pieces to reality using music. From classical composers to new indie artists, the Oscars has chosen a large variety of diverse scores and songs this year, which makes it quite hard to predict the future champs. However, we can shed some light upon those that seemed more pleasantly unexpected and interesting.


Here are some of our favorite original scores and song choices from this year’s 90th Academy Awards nominees:


The Shape of Water – Alexandre Desplat

Guillermo del Toro’s new movie seems to finally bring his most awaited recognition by being awarded at the 2018 Golden Globes after directing for almost 25 years. For such an acclaimed movie it is quite clear that its original score has had an important influence in bringing life to the strange and whimsical world made by the director. Alexandre Desplat, awarded for The Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack has yet again successfully portrayed another interesting tale, which this time happens in the 1950s, relating the strange, but yet classical love story between a mute girl called Elisa and a sea creature. What is fascinating in the collaboration between these two artistic geniuses is how loud and important Elisa’s voice becomes in the movie, despite her disability and how well the score references the music played in that era, all encompassed by a fantastical and dreamy musicality.


Phantom Thread- Jonny Greenwood

If the name of the composer sounds familiar, that is because Jonny Greenwood is a member of the well-known band Radiohead. The collaboration between the director Paul Thomas Anderson has been proven to be a strong one in the past, thus they show once again how well they work together. In this sense, the original score played by a 60-piece orchestra is such a perfect match to the lavish, luxurious and romantic aura the movie transmits. Just listen to “House of Woodcock” and you will already feel like a rich and extravagant millionaire waltzing at a classy party.


Dunkirk – Hans Zimmer

There is no movie by Christopher Nolan that is not accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s brilliant music making skills. As most of his pieces, the composer has chosen for this war thrilled film to use his trademark ticking clock noises and from there, he built a powerful and intense original score. To show how close music works together with science, Hans Zimmer uses an extraordinary effect called Shepard-Risset Glissando, which is an auditory illusion that makes sounds to continuously ascend or descend in a pitch, making the score even more stirring. As the director filmed Dunkirk to be played specifically in IMAX cinemas, the score becomes such a heart-racing experience much like the storyline of the movie.


Call Me By Your Name – “Mystery of love”

The movie Call me by your name features a lot of very diverse artists and songs from classical music to Italian 80s jams that despite their differences, they grow onto another much like the feelings between Elio and Oliver, the two main characters. However, the most staggering song that could as well summarize the entire love story of the protagonists is “Mystery love” by Sufjan Stevens. The simplicity and nostalgia of the song send such an emotional, intimate and compelling feeling, which makes it hard not to imagine all your summer loves and the ones that got away. The score together with the picture film has been such a refreshing choice for this year’s Oscars.


The Greatest Showman – “This Is Me”

Perhaps the most popped out soundtrack in charts has been created for the newest hit musical, The Greatest Showman. This is very much due to its lead song “This is me” beautifully interpreted by Keala Settle, which is catchy, euphoric and describes perfectly the fight for acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. In this sense, the song portrays perfectly the message of the movie: Be proud of who you are! The uplifting bop has been another well-deserved addition to the nominees of this year’s Oscars.   

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