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Our Favorite Jazz Festival in Europe – Our Top 3 for 2018 Edition

Half of Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and that is without a doubt its better half. However among all those tiny fisherman villages spread out along coastline, it is in Cascais that in July you will find our Favourite Jazz Festival in Europe. Older than 750 years old, this town has been connected to this festival since its early beginnings although in the last years it has been way less involved to the detriment of Oeiras. However, it is in Cascais that EDP Cool Jazz Fest belongs between the Hipódromo Manuel Possolo and Parque Marechal Carmona. The first one is known for being an Equestrian Center with Worldwide relevance since in this village its population is known to be the wealthiest of the country. Just 100 meters way from it you have Parque Marechal Carmona, where I would go with my parents as a 2 years old, while listening to Seal (who already played in this festival).

David Byrne – 11th of July – Hipódromo Manuel Possolo

One of the leaders of Art Rock, frontman of The Talking Heads during 16 years, David Byrne comes now to Cascais with his newest work, “American Uthopia”, where the artists exposes a more introspective view of this World that he has now inhabited for 65 years. One of the greatest perks of this festival, that consistently brings names of the older squad of Music Heroes, that are not that “welcome” in regular Summer festivals, and already deserve a specific audience and stage to perform in. His voice is exactly the same and his moves are just getting better. Fan or not of this man and his projects  one has to admire what his input was for the Art in the last century and so this tribute could not let us more looking forward for this night that has everything to be memorable.

BadBadNotGood and DeadCombo – 17th July – Parque Marechal Carmona

Probably the day I am personally more looking forward to being a great fan of both bands that are going to be that day in my childhood park invading it with some of the most well played music there is nowadays. Yes, I have used the adjectives I wanted. Both these groups are heavily related to their instruments. On one side, Dead Combo will open the night, a duo from Lisbon that after making a tribute song to the Best Portuguese Guitar player in Portugal, Carlos Paredes, decided to created their own project with this heavy lines of Fado blending in with Jazz, Rhythm  and obviously the Blues in a sublime way. All this mixture has also been really well achieved in the case of BadBadNotGood, a jazz group where technique counts as much as melody, and perfectionism is key. With possibly one of the World’s Best drummer leading the project, each of the four members has a relevant and beautiful contribution to a project that sounds exactly like we wish Jazz would sound like in the future. UNMISSABLE Night.


Norah Jones – 31st of July – Hipódromo Manuel Possolo

Last decade’s Best Jazz Artist and for sure one of the greatest female voices to ever struck our ears is back to Portugal after her presentation here of her last work from 2016. Nine Grammys, six albums and more than fifteen career years she is still not in her forty and keeps breaking hearts where she passes. Apart from that, her sweetness as not changed even with the society going nuts around her, and we could not have asked for a better ending for this festival. In between Norah and the names above EDP Cool Jazz Fest invites Van Morrison three days before, to play in the same venue and fill our hearts with his beautiful poetry. On the 20th of July, same venue as well, one can dance with the new Jazz wave from Gregory Porter that since “Liquid Spirit” has been surprising us with his devotion to this beautiful art form.

Pictures of Cascais taken By @mym8jack 

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