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Impulso Fest – A Primazia da Qualidade no dia 23 de Maio

Numa primeira tentativa que muitos anunciaram que poderia ser única, o que já nos foi desmentido pela organização, que afirma que a expetativa e esperança de repetir esta bonita experiência em anos futuros é imensa, as Calda da Rainha demonstraram que sabem receber bem, num local íntimo e oferecer a melhor qualidade de som possível para o espaço. Foi com a coordenação de dois docentes, Nuno Monteiro e Tiago Sábio que os estudantes da Escola de Som Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha edificou aquele que foi um festival único. O centro da Juventude das Caldas da Rainha foi

Entrevistámos o Impulso!

Nuno Monteiro, ex-aluno e agora docente da ESAD, no curso de Som e Imagem e técnico de som de muitos artistas que tocam nas  nossas playlists diariamente, teve a simpatia de falar comigo e explicar como aconteceu este Festival ao qual teremos o prazer de assistir. A razão de existência é nobre! No concelho das Caldas da Rainha há mais de 2000 jovens que não tiveram até agora um evento de divulgação musical perto de casa e Nuno acredita que para além destes muitos mais, como nós, irão visitar e conhecer pela primeira vez este concelho encantador! Para além disso,

Nick Suave: “I Speak Rock & Roll”

Depois de um ótimo almoço no “Café com Calma” em Marvila, onde a carteira não sofre nada, foi nessa mesma pérola lisboeta que me sentei na esplanada a tomar café com Nick Suave: Comecei por lhe chamar “Rei da Margem Sul”, ao que respondeu “Qual Rei?! A Margem Sul não é uma monarquia”. E foi com este tom de humildade que se estendeu a entrevista. Nick, também conhecido até completar o 4ºano de escolaridade por Carlos Ramos, é um daqueles verdadeiros amantes e difusores do Rock&Roll. Nesse mundo é mais conhecido por Nick Nicotine, apesar de ter começado a fumar

Erlend Oye: Grazie Amico!!

His music tastes like those breakfasts in Summer when one is in vacations and the only worries are “Which beach are we going today?”. His band is made up of three really relaxed fellas from Sicily, where he has been living for the last six years in Syracuse with his mother. And He is a character. Erlend has his Italian on point and it was in this beautiful language that he used for more than half of the show. As they entered the stage we knew we were in for a great one and that the only problem would be

Rock En Seine 2018 – Preview

Every year Paris hosts numerous events during the summer and is filled with entertainment, with Lollapalooza moving in on the opportunity recently, it’s clear that there’s a need for music in the beautiful capital of France. However, there is one festival that’s been around for over a decade and has relentlessly provided monumental acts, improved its organization and held on to its values even with the change of times – Rock En Seine. The festival prides itself on its location, the park of Saint-Cloud in Hauts-de-Seine, classed as a national historical monument since 1994 and filled with history since it

Flow Festival 2018 – Preview

Having attended their 2012 edition, it’s been incredible to see Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland, grow and develop to what’s now become one of the coolest summer events in Europe. With a focus not only on music but arts, cuisine and the listening experience, the festival offers a wide range of color popping as well as never seen before stages to create the ultimate palette for both artists as well as festival-goers. Through technology and tech-savy methods, Flow presents incredible infrastructures that’s attracted popular as well as up and coming names from across the globe, having transformed a factory area

Truck Festival 2018 – Preview

Located in the lovely Oxfordshire countryside, the 20-year-old Truck festival has been featuring up and coming artists since its birth as well as being a family-run affair, it has prided itself on bringing back to the community. Described as “the godfather of small music festivals”, the event brings together different genres which will satisfy all music listeners, from indie rock, hip-hop to R&B and drum-bass. This year features fantastic indie acts such as George Ezra, Courteeners, Ratboy, Drenge and many more rising stars like Stereo Honey, Everything Everything, and Circa Waves. Here’s a little preview of all the fun to

Our Favorite Jazz Festival in Europe – Our Top 3 for 2018 Edition

Half of Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and that is without a doubt its better half. However among all those tiny fisherman villages spread out along coastline, it is in Cascais that in July you will find our Favourite Jazz Festival in Europe. Older than 750 years old, this town has been connected to this festival since its early beginnings although in the last years it has been way less involved to the detriment of Oeiras. However, it is in Cascais that EDP Cool Jazz Fest belongs between the Hipódromo Manuel Possolo and Parque Marechal Carmona. The first

Introducing – Living Room Concerts Madrid

In the heart of Madrid lies a simple yet magnificent concept, it’s gathered over 2000+ members since its creation in 2015 and has staged artists from around the world who are not only visiting but residing in Madrid. Introduced and created as a social experience with music by Nichole Hastings, the group was started with three purposes in mind: “The first is to discover new original music. The second is to remove the stage and have a more direct interaction and connection between performer and audience. The third is to create a space where concert-goers can meet new people and

MGMT – Little Dark Age – Album Review

As a band concept they are one of those that starts as high as possible and tends to go down as the surprise factor and innovation tend to die. After four heavy focused Indie albums, from an “Oracular Spectacular” in 2007 totally breaking the pre-established concepts of Indie to a ridiculously repetitive homonymous album as their fourth and last work before “LDA”. After understanding the downslope they changed. This age is now darker than ever in all possible literal sense and they have gone darker as well by filling their sonority with serious and imposing synths clashing the Indie towards