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Introducing – Living Room Concerts Madrid

In the heart of Madrid lies a simple yet magnificent concept, it’s gathered over 2000+ members since its creation in 2015 and has staged artists from around the world who are not only visiting but residing in Madrid. Introduced and created as a social experience with music by Nichole Hastings, the group was started with three purposes in mind: “The first is to discover new original music. The second is to remove the stage and have a more direct interaction and connection between performer and audience. The third is to create a space where concert-goers can meet new people and

MGMT – Little Dark Age – Album Review

As a band concept they are one of those that starts as high as possible and tends to go down as the surprise factor and innovation tend to die. After four heavy focused Indie albums, from an “Oracular Spectacular” in 2007 totally breaking the pre-established concepts of Indie to a ridiculously repetitive homonymous album as their fourth and last work before “LDA”. After understanding the downslope they changed. This age is now darker than ever in all possible literal sense and they have gone darker as well by filling their sonority with serious and imposing synths clashing the Indie towards

Hinds- “I Don’t Run” – Album Review

I’ve been excited for this one, the Madrid-born indie/garage rock band Hinds, have returned with their sweet and sour melodies as well as infecting lyrics. The 4-piece girl band consisting of Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums) bring us their second album – ‘I Don’t Run’. As honest and raw as their last record, surrounded with plucky guitar riffs, kickass vocals and drums, Hinds bring us a cleaner sound still filled with the incredible spirit that has touched many across the globe; and they’re only getting started. Hinds mean

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food – Album Review

THEY WENT FOR THE ESSENTIAL. Sex & Food. Two of the greatest, most glorious and obviously more satisfying of life. The Unknown Mortal Orchestra referenced by many as the prodigal sons of New Zealand, bringing their totally “soundbreaking” RnB Rock with all the right dusts of Psych, Lo-Fi and Indie. They started with tunes like “Ffunny Ffrends”, still one remarkable anthem of the Indie that has been heard for the last decade and managing to be their most successful in the charts, at least in Mexico.  The band started and released their homonymous first album in 2011 with the above

GUM – The Underdog – Album Review

When one thinks of the origins of the Psych Rock wave that has totally paved this current decade one has to bring about two of its Australian creators that even have some artists exchange. Pond, lead by Nick Allbrook, had as its initial drummer the future leader of Tame Impala, where Allbrook was playing the bass until fully assuming his leading role in Pond. At the same time, another name was common to both bands which evolved into GUM that released today “The Underdog” another piece of this infinite puzzle of spacial music brought to us by this austrALIENS. After Nick

Sinestesia? Ouçam Galgo

Quantas vezes uma música vos remete para um determinado estado de espírito, um certo cenário projetado pela mescla entre a vossa memória e imaginação? Quantas vezes ouvem algo doce e acolhedor, quente de Verão, que vos pinta a vista com um filtro amarelo de quem viaja pela costa e ostenta o mar? Quantas vezes aquela certa música guardada para o conforto de um cobertor vos faz sentir que o mundo lá fora não possui sobressaltos, é somente desvanecido, cinza como aguarela molhada de chuva? Não se trata de um pensamento abstrato, de um devaneio criativo de quem imagina como se

Vodafone Paredes de Coura’s 25th Edition: An experience & our favourites

Once again festival season is upon us, across Europe the dates and line-ups are set whilst people plan out what to attend, who to see and with what money. Just Musically Speaking has already covered what to expect this year from NOS Primavera Sound, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Portugal’s other amazing festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura, a gathering of artists, music-lovers and people of all walks of life for a magical event. For those who may not be familiar with this gathering, here is my recollection of last year’s 25th edition and who to look

Monarchy – New single “Mid:night” & their upcoming album

Synth-pop duo Monarchy, made up of Andrew Armstrong (producer, DJ) and Ra Black (vocals, lyrics) are back in full effect with their new dance-track “Midnight”, this follows their first single “Hula Hoop 8000” in anticipation for their 4th studio album which is to be released before summer. For the Australian but London based group, their new material is filled with pop-dance feels, all tied in with catchy lyrics and synth-dominated melodies. Seeing the reaction to “Hula Hoop 8000” and the anticipation/movement behind “mid:night”, we can expect these guys to be making noise in the summer.   The first single Hula

NOS Primavera Sound : Os Nossos Favoritos

Já não falta muito para que o frio, a chuva e os dias cinzentos invernais deixem de ser uma constante preocupação. Assim, teremos de esperar até ao dia 20 de março para que a primavera, contando com a ajuda do sol e com o desabrochar das flores, se afirme incontestavelmente. Mas a data do equinócio interessa apenas aos que seguem o mundo da astronomia porque, para aqueles que seguem atentamente um outro universo – o musical –, a primavera terá o seu começo «oficial» no dia 7 de junho no Parque da Cidade, no Porto, com o início do NOS

The Neighborhood’s new self-titled album: How two EPs transformed the band’s music

September 21, 2017: Hard Hard, The Neighborhood’s first EP after their 2015 album Wiped Out!, hits the billboards with a gloomy, melancholic sound that brings back the hazy tracks of 60’s psychedelic rock. This came with no warning, surprising fans all over the world. Their typically alt-rock foundations shaken by a deeper, darker musical twist, exploring lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s identity and aspirations.   January 12, 2018: To Imagine Four months after their unexpected return, the Californian band adds to their fans’ confusion by releasing another EP, To Imagine. Same number of songs as in Hard, but this time the