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We want to invite you right now to a new way of seeing things. We all know that there are many genres of music, right?! We do too, so we will not explain you the little details of an instrument or voice of each singer because It´s kind of subjective isn’t it? I love some “guitar riffs”, you love the drums. I like the lyrics, you like the voice. I want to leave the magic of discovering that little moments for yourself. Although I can given you some information about the artist(s), their sonority or genre, I want to focus in the message, in what the music transmit us.

Palace. Why don’t we know anything about them? I have been searching for an answer for a long time actually. I listened to them for the first time in the end of the summer , and since then I´m crazy for their music. I almost didn’t see any advertising for their album, nobody knew who they were and It was very hard to find music from them, and why? I wanted more. I tried to forget the situation until the album finally came out in November. In my opinion, one the top 10 this year, risky bet I know… I also discovered that is their first album, I couldn’t imagine that. There is so much maturity when They play. The sonority, the way They approach their message, everything is ridiculously good for a first record. By the way, It´s called “So Long Forever”, and It´s another Brit Alternative Rock with some little “kicks” of Blues “cooked” in London, from a group with only 4 years of existence.

I already introduced you the group. Now, I want to convince you to explore this album, track by track, the order is really important, It’s a sad history played with many energy and little hopes of faith, with a tragic ending. The music is always sung to someone, almost every time for Lucy. It has a few messages for the subject´s family too, acknowledgement ones in the majority.

It begins with “Break the Silence” and “Bitter”, sadness it´s predominant and It feels like a cry for help for the person that is not there anymore, They are in a hard parting.

“Live Well” set out that time in separation that We are convinced that there’s no problem to be alone and relaxed with the situation, He even tells her to be strong and go on with her life.

In fourth place We have “It’s Over”. Already submerged in gloom, He remembers good moments and the lack of meaning that life has without her. Everything He wants is going back and having her again.

After, with “Fire in the Sky” He shows some hope and realizes that there were some things that have to change in order to improve their relationship. It´s in this song that Palace make us a little introduction for the next two tracks. “Family” In where He thanks to his parents for being who They are, and finally talks about her, as a woman, Lucy. He convinces himself again that is possible to go on with her and finally screams what He really wants with “Have Faith”. It’s in this point that We have one of best moments in this album, with this music full of energy breaking the webs of darkness and melancholy who where up on the sky in that moment. Not only by the lyrics, but even the sonority give us the perception of faith, maybe the most catchy and tough moment of this record.

However the message was not strong enough for her, and He has “So long Forever” and “Blakheath” talking about peace of mind, but never forgetting the past, asking for her to help him running from the darkness that is being without her.

In last place, “Holy Smoke” and “Slaving on”, impossible not to conclude that something tragic happened. We have kind of a religious belief, that there is somebody going out of the window as smoke. He talk with his parents and dreams with her.

You can´t avoid the pain in these powerful 11 songs. Impossible not to remember how hard is loosing someone. I bet you did, hope not so tragic as this story . Well done Palace, great record, great story, great future. In Portugal We have a saying “Atire a pedra quem nunca fez/sentiu isto” that means something like “Shoot the stone who never went through this” , and that defines what this record perfectly.

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