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Peach Pit at Bumbershoot 2017, Seattle, Sept 1 2017 by Kelli Anne photo.

Peach Pit – Concert Review

All the way from Vancouver, Peach Pit had landed for the first time in Spain, playing to a compact crowd at the Moby Dick Club in Madrid. With a couple dates in the country, the band is embarking on a European tour a short year after the release of their debut LP ‘Being So Normal’ (2017). Having toured North America the past months, these guys have finally landed in Europe to spread melodic indie pop all over the streets and they’ve succeeded on this special night.

Opening up for them, however, was local 4-piece girl-band Hickeys, with a sound they describe as glitter-punk to warm up the crowd. With high-energy, they kicked off the set with a cover of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Anenome”, a track which has a strong influence on their songs in terms of the ambiance and singing style. Amongst this, they also credit Velvet Underground, Black Lips, Hinds and many others as having influenced the music they create. Having released their debut EP ‘Diamond Munch’ this year, songs like “Lights”, “Solitary Lady” and “Hickey Hickey Bang Bang” stood out as tracks that could carry this band far into the spotlight by the summer – highly recommend checking it out!

As the opening act came to a close, you’d see the members of Peach Pit setting up their equipment on stage, reminding you that this is a band that only released their debut LP in 2016 but have since come a long way in just 2 years. Through social media, the band has gained a strong fan base with their humor as well as interaction when on stage and when their self-titled track “Peach Pit” went viral, things kicked off.

Made up of Peter Wilton, Chris Vanderkooy, Mikey Pascuzzi and Neil Smith, their indie-pop sound or as they describe it, chewed bubblegum pop, is infectious with lovely guitar licks, sweet melodies alongside soft vocals. With tracks focused on teenage angst, high school stories and laid-back vibes, songs like “Drop the Guillotine”, “Peach Pit”, “Seventeen” and “Tommy’s Party” are straight crowd-pleasers.

 “Back in high school my much better looking best friend was really good at swooping in and stealing away any new crush I had. I wrote this angsty song about him slitting my throat with a guillotine to make me feel better.” – Neil Smith (frontman)

Alongside a great performance, the Canadian band were really polite and lovely, with Smith giving backstories to songs, like his adventures with Britney, seeing Peter’s (bass) mum nude photos on an iPad or simply a love for weed; it was cool to be explained the meaning behind tracks. Overall, there was a great connection between the band and the crowd, leaving everyone shouting for an encore which included a fabulous cover of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” to top of a great night. The boys stayed behind to greet everyone after the show and have a chat, a gesture of genuine, down-to-earth guys who made the concert a blast, with lots of excitement for what’s to come for them.

Cover image: Peach Pit at Bumbershoot 2017, Seattle, Sept 1 2017 by Kelli Anne photo.

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