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Perfume Genius … Indeed!

Imagine being a young man in High School in the end of the 90’s. Now Imagine you are gay and you don’t wan’t to hide it! Why should you anyways… And now add to it being son of immigrants and having Crohn’s disease. Well that was the youth of Mike Handreas, a.k.a Perfume Genius.

In 2005 he refuged himself in drugs and bad life as many would do with such a hard childhood, but after moving in with his brother in Seattle in 2008 he created a MySpace account where he started sharing his Alternative-Pop Music and Videos and since then gained a fan-base that has been growing along the years massively being nowadays one big name of the Alternative scene and hitting the Radio’s all over the World with “Queen”.

However this is a Single from his third Album from 2014 titled “Too Bright” that not only confirmed that his new sounds were really welcome and refreshing in an era where many confuse Pop with Mainstream when Pop was since the beginning something really unique that not many knew how to repercute in their music in a pure way like Perfume Genius does.

His range goes from really up-lifting songs that will make you want to dance until the floor crumbles to really sad songs that just make you willing to go to sleep and wake up the next year being the only constant the fact that every single one of his songs has all his passion into it and you can feel everything with him. An intense musical and emotional experience that one might presence in songs like “Normal Song” or “Sister Song” both from his second record.

Lastly he made what We consider the most exceptional cover of a Song known and covered by many and we won’t tell you more! Just click the link and be absorbed by the Genius of Perfume.

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