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Photay – The Future of Electronic

Coming from Woodstock, that exact same one, Evan Shornstein arose to the electro scene organically since his first homonymous album. Before that in Soundcloud he had his first appearances and has now released a new song that has completely different bright perspective over his previous music.

Photay was a nickname given by his peers when he studied music in West Africa, Guinea, which means “white person” an obvious one due to kids sincere and immediate observations. For him music came in 5th grade when he found out about Aphex Twin, hated by all his friends and dearly appreciated by Evan. From that he picked up from his love for seeing textures in music and applied to music.

From his first albums all the original six tracks and the other “original bonus” three are quite remarkable for anyone’s first attempt and have gathered quite a lot of attention. The first song I came across from him was actually “Reconstruct” which is definitely his best and would be a dream come true to me to dance to it in any dance floor around the World. From that in “No Sass” the third song of the album Photay transports us to a New World.

And from this point onwards the album transforms from song to song into a weirder and more amusing perspective of music in how Photay manages to bend sound as if it would be rubber. The future of Electronic resides in innovative perspectives over sound itself like the ones here proposed. “Astral Projection” ends up being the most surrealistic project of this initial album, that also comprises tunes such as “These Fruits, These Vegetables” which not only is a brilliant name as it is a brain splitting vibe to have in any party and finally, honourable mention to “Dusk” for being so confusing and yet so sublime.

All this was back in 2014 and now with His newest release from last month,“Outre Lux”, he has went down a notch to complement Madison McFerrin vocals which did not really framed as well as before featured projects. However in his first release from this new album of 2017 he has also released “Bombogenesis” which has raised the bar from previous releases.

What’s to come is still unsure, but surely, our ears are not ready for it!

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